Take the Road to Berlin and Reap the Rewards!

Tank Commanders!

To commemorate the final weeks leading up to the end of World War II in Europe, World of Tanks is hosting a new PvE game mode: Road to Berlin.

Like in the Homefront event we launched last year, you will battle in teams of five against armies of AI-driven enemy tanks. But this time, the tables have turned and you’ll need to conquer the enemy territory while repelling fierce counterattacks. Get ready to go on the offensive, face smart and dangerous enemies, and earn a unique Tier VII Premium Soviet heavy tank, Bounty Equipment, and other rewards!

A line is forming! There are many players queuing up to fight AI enemies on the Road to Berlin, especially during Prime times, so you may have to wait a while to get into a battle. The waiting time will depend on the current queue and may differ from day to day.

Core Gameplay

Battles take place in teams of five, on four maps specially redesigned for this mode, including a special new Berlin map (more on them below). You can join one of five Units (three Units of Soviet tanks, one Unit of American tanks, and one Unit of British tanks), each consisting of three mid-tier vehicles of the same type:

  • The Winged Spearhead
  • The Ironsides
  • The Beast Slayers
  • The 1st Tank Battalion
  • The 48th Breakthrough Regiment

Each Unit has its own unique symbol, Combat Boosts, and three vehicles you will gradually be able to unlock. Choose your Unit and click "Battle" to start a game. You can play side by side with random allies or in a Platoon of up to five.

Instead of repelling the attacks of AI-driven enemies, it’s now time for you to go on the offensive and make rapid attacking maneuvers, conquering special zones in the enemy territory. Each battle has 5 sequential objectives, or Battle Missions:

  1. Capture zone A.
  2. Defend zone A.
  3. Capture zone B.
  4. Defend zone B and break through the enemy defense.
  5. Destroy powerful enemy commanders in the ultimate fray. During this final Battle Mission, you will encounter other enemies you can fight, but your main goal is to defeat the commanders at all costs.


Clear enemies from the area. Destroy the required number of enemy vehicles within the time limit. The remaining enemy forces will try to retreat. Keep them from doing it!

Repel the enemy counterattack. The enemy is preparing a counterattack. Destroy all attackers within the time limit. Watch out for incoming fire. The enemy is calling for artillery!

Clear the area of the enemy. Break through the second line of defense. Once the required number of vehicles are destroyed, the remaining enemy forces will try to retreat.

Break through the enemy's defenses. The last line of fortifications. Destroy the required number of enemy vehicles. Don't give the enemy a chance to win!

Destroy key targets. The enemy sent its best forces into the battle. To achieve victory, destroy all command vehicles.


Starting position

The foothold to advance the offensive.

Enemy command vehicle

The sturdiest and most dangerous enemy vehicles. To destroy them, a coordinated effort by the entire team is required. To effectively engage these enemies, attack from the flanks and use Combat Boosts!

Enemy command vehicle

The sturdiest and most dangerous enemy vehicles. To destroy them, a coordinated effort by the entire team is required. To effectively engage these enemies, attack from the flanks and use Combat Boosts!

After looking through your feedback on the Homefront event, we have improved the AI-driven enemy models. This year, the PvE mode will feature smarter and more dangerous adversaries, so get ready for intense battles!

Vehicle Respawns

At the start of every game, your vehicle has three play-turns, or respawns. When your vehicle is destroyed, you will respawn only if you have respawns left.

You can earn up to 2 additional respawns by completing Battle Missions. If your vehicle was destroyed, but your allies were able to repel the enemy attacks and defend the zones, you will still get your extra respawns. So even if you have lost all three respawns, stay in the battle—it is possible that you will be able to respawn again and help your team win!

Progression System & "Assault!" Orders

The level of your Unit increases from I to III, depending on your effectiveness in battles. As you boost your Unit Level, you will be able to choose from more powerful vehicles with better performance characteristics. Each Unit has 3 tanks, which means 15 tanks are available in all. Accordingly, the AI-driven enemies you face will become more dangerous.

You don’t earn credits in this mode. Instead, you get two types of Progression Points as you damage and destroy enemies:

  • Unit Experience to boost your Unit Level
  • Victory Points to get rewards (more on them below)

The higher the level of your Unit, the more Progression Points you earn in battles.

Want to speed up your progress and earn more Progression Points to reap rewards faster? Use "Assault!" Orders—special boosters that multiply Unit Experience and Victory Points earned in battles. There are 3 types of "Assault!" Orders, each with its own multiplying coefficient: x5, x10, and x15. They are activated before you start the battle.

Each Unit gets one Order x5 at the start of each game day. In addition, you can:

  • purchase Orders x10 for gold in the game client or get them from special bundles.
  • obtain Orders x15 for Tokens earned by completing special missions in Random Battles.
Orders x15 will help you fight your AI-driven enemies with the greatest efficiency, so don’t forget about Random Battles. Fulfill engaging missions and get your hands on these most valuable boosters!

Combat Boosts

Each Unit will have its own set of Combat Boosts that will help deal with enemies faster. For example:

  • Airstrike
  • Artillery Strike
  • Incendiary Shells
  • and more...

As your Unit Level increases, so will the effectiveness and power of the available Combat Boosts, as well as the battle characteristics of your vehicles.

Interactive image. Use or to view the available vehicles and Combat Boosts for each Unit.
The Winged Spearhead
Combat Boosts
Katyusha Rocket Launchers
Causes damage, destroys modules, and ignites vehicles inside the selected area.
Incendiary Shells
The next fired shell sets an enemy vehicle on fire upon penetration.
The Ironsides
Combat Boosts
Mortar Strike
Mortar Strike hits the selected area.
Lays a minefield in the selected area. Enemies that hit mines receive damage and lose tracks. Allied vehicles cannot trigger mines.
The Beast Slayers
Combat Boosts
Attack Aircraft
Attack Aircraft carry out bombing and airstrikes along the selected line of attack. They cause damage, as well as damage modules, and always destroy enemy tracks.
Incendiary Shells
The next fired shell sets an enemy vehicle on fire upon penetration.
The 1st Tank Battalion
M4А2 Sherman
M4A3 Sherman Jumbo
Combat Boosts
Drops bombs, damaging vehicles inside the selected area.
Incendiary Shells
The next fired shell sets an enemy vehicle on fire upon penetration.
The 48th Breakthrough Regiment
Churchill IV
Churchill VII
Churchill Black Prince
Combat Boosts
Artillery Strike
Artillery Strike causes damage to vehicles inside the selected area.
Full Throttle
Boosts vehicle acceleration.

Maximize Your Battle Efficiency!

You can boost your progress and get your rewards more quickly by purchasing special bundles in the game client. They instantly level all your Units up to Level III and contain some nice extras, including:

  • 25 Orders x10, 5 for each Unit
  • 30 days of WoT Premium Account
  • 20 Personal Reserves: +50% XP (1 hour)
  • 20 Personal Reserves: +50% credits (1 hour)

Reap Your Rewards!

Let's talk about the most tantalizing topic—rewards!

Upon completing all five Operation Stages of the event and destroying all enemy commanders, you can get your hands on the most valuable reward, Bounty Ventilation, as well as a special medal.

You also have the chance to add a unique Tier VII Premium Soviet heavy tank, the legendary  VII IS-2 shielded , to your Garage. This mighty brawler features a solid turret, well-sloped armor and impressive alpha damage. At the end of World War II, the IS-2 was widely used to storm well-fortified cities, including Budapest and Berlin.

If you find you’re running out of time to complete the event, you can instantly purchase the  VII IS-2 shielded  for gold in the game client. You will receive a discount up to 100% for sequentially completing Operation Stages in the event progression and earning enough Progression Points. Plus, your personal discount will be complemented by Crew Books and "Assault!" Orders.

  • 25% off, 5 Training Booklets (U.S.S.R.), 3x missions: x5 XP for a victory in Random Battles.
  • 50% off, 5 Training Booklets (U.K.), 3x missions: x5 XP for a victory in Random Battles.
  • 75% off, 5 Training Booklets (U.S.A.), 3x missions: x5 XP for a victory in Random Battles.
  • 100% off, 1 Universal Training Booklet.

When all your Units reach their maximum Level, you will also get an exclusive badge.


You will fight AI-driven enemies in the following four locations, specially redesigned for the event based on Random Battles maps:

  • Kvelburg
  • Oder
  • Westwall
  • Berlin (a new map that will be introduced to Random Battles at a later date)

Initially, only the first three maps will be available in the mode. Berlin, a special new location, will be unlocked on the morning of 9 May at 06:01 UTC +8, when the war in Europe historically ended. From then on, the Berlin map will be permanently available.

Just a few more important points regarding the Berlin map:

  • To have a chance to get matched on the Berlin map, you must enter the battle using Level III Units.
  • Your chance of getting matched on the new map is 30%.
  • All Victory Points you earn on the Berlin map are doubled.

Also, in honor of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe, starting from 9 May, 06:01 UTC +8, your Garage will become more celebratory.

Take a listen to the impressive and moving soundtrack for the Road to Berlin event as well!

Aleksandr Khilko & Ivan Kucherenko - Road to Berlin (Theme 1) : Aleksandr_Khilko_and_Ivan_Kucherenko_-_Road_To_Berlin_theme_01
Aleksandr Khilko - Road to Berlin (Theme 2) : Aleksandr_Khilko_-_Road_To_Berlin_theme_02
Aleksandr Khilko & Ivan Kucherenko - Road to Berlin (Theme 3) : Aleksandr_Khilko_and_Ivan_Kucherenko_-_Road_To_Berlin_theme_03
Aleksandr Khilko & Ivan Kucherenko - Road to Berlin (Theme 4) : Aleksandr_Khilko_and_Ivan_Kucherenko_-_Road_To_Berlin_theme_04
Aleksandr Khilko - Road to Berlin (Theme 5) : Aleksandr_Khilko_-_Road_To_Berlin_theme_05
Aleksandr Khilko & Ivan Kucherenko - Road to Berlin (Theme 6) : Aleksandr_Khilko_and_Ivan_Kucherenko_-_Road_To_Berlin_theme_06
Aleksandr Khilko - Road to Berlin (Theme 7) : Aleksandr_Khilko_-_Road_To_Berlin_theme_07

Known Issues


Road to Berlin is an innovative game mode with several novel mechanics and complex gameplay settings, including under-the-hood technical solutions new to World of Tanks. Due to the complex game mechanics, issues emerged during the later stages of the mode’s development. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to fix these issues before launch.

We’re aware of these issues and our development team is making every effort to resolve them. The following is a list of issues you may encounter in the mode. We apologize for any inconvenience they may cause and we appreciate your understanding.

  • Players with low-spec CPUs and graphics cards may experience some visual glitches and stability issues when running the mode. You may also encounter unexpected performance issues such as black screens, black texture glitches, and game client crashes when playing Road to Berlin.
  • If you purchase a special bundle and level up your Units to Level III while in a Platoon, you may in some cases find yourself entering the next battle still at Unit Level I. There are two ways to fix this issue:
    1. Click the "Not Ready" button, then the "Ready!" button.
    2. Quit the platoon and create it again.
  • After reconnecting to the battle (for example, after using the ALT + F4 key combination or a computer crash), the red aiming zone of an enemy Artillery Strike may sometimes be displayed incorrectly on the terrain surface.
  • In rare cases, after using some Combat Boosts, the green aiming zone may remain on the terrain surface. To remove the aiming camera and return to normal view mode, press the ESC key or activate another Combat Boost.
  • Various minor replay issues are possible. Some UI elements may disappear when running Road to Berlin replays. You may also encounter performance and stability issues when working with replays.
  • Sometimes, when a vehicle is on an inclined surface, the visual radius of Combat Boost effect may be slightly greater than the radius of its actual application. To resolve this issue, change your position on the battlefield and move to a flat surface.
  • Minor Garage UI glitches when selling the IS-2 with spaced armor and then re-purchasing it are possible. To avoid these glitches, just re-log into the game.
  • Various minor localization issues are also possible.

Engage in the fiercest of battles, fight AI-driven enemies, and reap rewards!

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