Results: Ranked Battles 2020-2021 Season 3


We hope you've thoroughly enjoyed the third and final Season of Ranked Battles 2020-2021! Did you manage to make it to the top of the ranks? Check the leaderboard to find out!

To the Leaderboard!

NOTE: All rewards will be distributed in the next 14 days. Tickets regarding the positions on the leaderboard and rewards will be accepted only within 30 days of the end of this Season.

As always, our top priority is to keep the game clean and fair, so please review our Fair Play Policy and Game Rules, and help us keep this mode enjoyable for all players!


Depending on your performance through all three Seasons, you can now claim your long-awaited Annual Reward!

Your personal cumulative discount and Ranked Battles items for bonds will continue to be available even after the end of this Season, so don't forget to redeem the prizes of your choice!

For a full list of the rewards you can look forward to for this year's hard work, please check the Ranked Battles guide.

NOTE: If you would like to retain the League badge and style you have earned this Season, you will need to play at least 1 Ranked Battle during the course of the next Season.

  • If you have managed to stay in the same League at the end of the next Season, you will keep your badge and vehicle style.
  • If you are promoted or relegated to another League, your previous badge and vehicle style will be withdrawn and replaced by the ones for the new League.
  • If you do not make it to any League, you will lose your badge and vehicle style.
  • Players in the top 50 who have received the "Ranked Battles Champion" special badge will be able to display it with pride for an entire year, until the next year's final leaderboard is determined. Be sure to take part in next year's Ranked Battles too if you wish to defend your title!

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from us soon, Commanders!