Ranked Battles: Season 2019–2020 Closed

Tank Commanders!

Much as we were enjoying the thrilling battles, the final Season of Ranked Battles 2019–2020 has come to an end. The most competitive mode in World of Tanks will take a break and return in a couple of months, with three engaging new Seasons.

But First, A Word of Thanks

We want to express our deep gratitude to all players who participated in this long and challenging journey. Thank you for your passion and dedication; we really appreciate you engaging with us! 

Your Annual Reward will be credited to your account automatically, within two weeks of the completion of Season 2—you’ll just need to log into the game client.

Once again, here's what you will receive:

Season Results

In the meantime, you can check the leaderboard to see which talented commanders were able to prove themselves Asia's finest this Season.

To the Leaderboard!

Please note that in the interest of maintaining a fair competitive environment for all players, 24 players' accounts have been blocked for a week, while 17 players have been permanently banned from the game in accordance with our Fair Play Policy. In addition, these players have been removed from the leaderboards and therefore will not receive any rewards.

All rewards will be distributed based on the current leaderboard in the next 14 days. Tickets regarding the positions on the leaderboard and rewards will be accepted only within 30 days of the end of this Season.

What’s Coming in the Next Seasons?

Thanks to your feedback, we will slightly revise some gameplay mechanics to get you more involved in playing in Leagues. To do this, special daily missions will be available for those who have qualified for Leagues. We’ll also rework the mechanics of earning Bonus Battles and shorten your journey through each Division. 

And of course, depending on your results across all three Seasons of Ranked Battles 2020-2021, you can earn the ultimate reward—a Tier IX vehicle. Its name, class, nation, and characteristics are top secret and will be published later.

Stay tuned for more updates and good luck in the upcoming Seasons, Commanders!