Arcade Cabinet: Tranquility has Launched!


Our crew has begun to take mindfulness to a new level. They're making sure everything is absolutely perfect in place to achieve harmony of the mind and soul. I mean, what can go wrong with world peace, right?

Immerse yourself in calm and peaceful tranquility. There’s no need to hurry, so take your time when loading shells, and treat non-penetrating shots as a worldly vanity. In a sense, this launch will feel like a return to “the good old WoT” of leisurely-paced gameplay and unhurried battles. Enjoy this little dash of nostalgia!

Launch Three: Tranquility

From August 12 at 13:00 (UTC+8) through August 15 at 04:00 (UTC+8)

Battle Modifiers

Low Compression
Engine power has decreased by 30%.
Improper Arrangement
Reload time has increased by 20%.
Penetration has decreased by 20%.
Gear Corrosion
Turret traverse speed has decreased by 30%.

How to Find Arcade Cabinet

In the Garage, select the Arcade Cabinet mode from the menu to the right of the “Battle!” button. When hovering over the mode button, you’ll see the combat modifiers that will be applied in battle. Check them out and prepare to be surprised!

Standard Rules for All Launches

All launches in Arcade Cabinet will be played according to the standard rules of Random Battles:

  • Same-tier battles will be in the 15v15 format.* Only Tier VIII and X vehicles are allowed.
  • Matchmaking is by vehicle type.
  • Objective: Capture the base or destroy all enemy vehicles.
  • Platoons are allowed.
  • Battle results in this mode do not count towards your statistics. You have nothing to prove, so just play and enjoy!
  • Credits and Combat XP earning rates, as well as the costs of repairs and consumables, are the same as in Random Battles.
  • Bonds and Battle Pass Points cannot be earned in this mode.
  • Combat missions for credits will be available in Tier X battles.
  • The principles of fair play should be followed in all battles.

Each of the Arcade Cabinet submodes will have separate queues for Tier VIII and X vehicles. If there is an insufficient number of players in the queue, the matchmaker may launch a battle with fewer participants.

Battles in Arcade Cabinet: Tranquility will be fought on the following maps:








Fisherman's Bay