[Premium Shop] Tankfest ft. Bretagne Panther

Tank Commander,

Fresh from Europe's Tankfest is the new  VI Bretagne Panther ! This vehicle has an interesting history of being salvaged from battlefields by the French. The Bretagne Panther was repainted by the French.

Sale Highlights:

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  • Bretagne Panther
  • Progetto M35 mod 46
  • T26E5 Patriot
  • Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J
  • Löwe
  • T-54 First Prototype

  • Nation: France
  • Tier: VI
  • Type: Medium Tank

What's Hot

  • Historical vehicle!

  • Able to fire quickly
  • Good gun depression
  • Great support vehicle

What's Not

  • Slow aim time
  • Not good at driving uphill

  • Nation: Italy
  • Tier: VIII
  • Type: Medium Tank

What's Hot

  • Flexible auto-reloader mechanic - Reloads one round at a time instead of a full magazine; can fire multiple rounds quickly in a pinch

  • Excellent gun handling
  • Good penetration
  • Can mount gun rammer to shorten reload time

  • Great mobility
  • Decent view range

What's Not

  • Choose your moment to attack. Your empty magazine has a long reload time.
  • Stay on the move. Your weak armour won't bounce a lot of shells.


  • Nation: U.S.A
  • Tier: VIII
  • Type: Heavy Tank

What's Hot:

  • APCR Standard Ammo: Good penetration and high shell velocity
  • Good damage per minute: High rate of fire 
  • Good gun depression
  • Large and thick gun mantlet can deflect incoming fire
  • High ammo capacity

What's Not:

  • Low alpha damage (more comparable to a medium tank)
  • Frontal hull and turret cheek armour don't reliably bounce incoming rounds: May not do well in hull-down positions
  • Low accuracy compared to Tier VIII heavies


  • Nation: Germany
  • Tier: III
  • Type: Light Tank

What's Hot

  • Excellent armour: Very tough armour for its tier; can soak damage for the team while spotting
  • Rapid-firing autoloader: Fast-reloading magazine

What's Not

  • Attack from the side or rear; you have low penetration
  • Get up close and personal. Your accuracy at long rage is low. 
  • Slow turret traverse: Vulnerable to flanking
  • Poor manoeuvrability


  • Nation: Germany
  • Tier: VIII
  • Type: Heavy Tank

What's Hot:

  • High penetration
  • High accuracy
  • High health pool 
  • Good side armour; can sidescrape
  • Good gun depression/elevation angles

 What's Not:

  • Slow-moving
  • Large target; hard to play hull-down
  • Weak lower front plate
  • Poor camo rating


  • Nation: Soviet
  • Tier: VIII
  • Type: Medium Tank

 What's Hot:

  • Strong frontal armour for a medium tank
  • Low profile; easy to play hull down
  • Good gun handling
  • Decent mobility

 What's Not:

  • Engage enemies from the side and rear, because your penetration is low. Otherwise, you will struggle to deal damage.
  • Choose your path carefully. You have low top speed.