[Premium Shop] Challenge on Wheels

Tank Commanders,

This agile scout is yours to command once you complete all the Challenge on Wheels missions. 

The more progress you have achieved on the challenge, the greater your discount on your  package. 

Purchase your Panhard EBR 75 below!

Important Note: Purchasing the bundle gives you the full pack of rewards for the missions not completed and automatically checks all unfinished event battle missions as completed. After purchasing the bundle, you will no longer have access to them.


Panhard EBR 75

What's Hot

  • Great accuracy allows it to fire on the move
  • Fast tank for diligent scouting duties
  • Efficient credit earner

What's Not

  • Watch where you drive. This vehicle flips easily on uneven ground

  • It can be easily spotted even from long distances, so keep moving to mess your enemy's aim

[Premium Shop] Challenge on Wheels

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