WG Challenge: Join the Tank T-Party and You Can Win a Škoda T 27!


A very special Battle Pass has just launched with World of Tanks' latest collaboration!

In the spirit of this iconic film, this WG Challenge will involve vehicles with the "T" prefix in their names as a tribute to the renowned action cyborg. 

Check the challenge details below.


WG Challenge
New Year Battle Pass 2023

New Year Battle Pass 2023 Challenge
 12 - 26 Jan 2023
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Note: Battles must be played during the challenge duration in order to qualify.


WG Challenge - New Year Battle Pass 2023

Available from 12 January 2023 at 14:00 (UTC+8) through 26 January 2023 at 23:59 (UTC+8)
Challenge Type

XP Earned

Statistic Type

The Best Series of Battles of 5

Minimum Battles 5


Tier V-X only

Vehicles that start with a "T"

Tier X
USA: T110E3, T110E4, T110E5, T92 HMC, T57 Heavy Tank
USSR: T-100 LT, T-62A
Czech: TVP T 50/51


Tier IX
USA: T54E1, T49, T95, T30
USSR: T-54, T-54 Lightweight, T-10
Czech: Skoda T 50


USA: T32, T28, T28 Prototype, T69
USSR: T-44
China: T-34-2


Tier VII
USA: T71 CMCD, T71 DA, T29, T25 AT, T25/2, T20
USSR: T-43
China: T-34-2 G FT, T-34-1


Tier VI
USA: T37, T21
USSR: T-150, T-34-85
Czech: Skoda T 25


Tier V
USA: T1 Heavy Tank, T67
USSR: T-34, T-50
Czech: Skoda T 24
China: Type T-34


1st - 10th:

VIII Škoda T 27  

11th - 50th: 

VI Škoda T 40  


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Rewards: WG Challenge - New Year Battle Pass 2023

Škoda T 27

Škoda T 40

How to Join


1.) Go to challenge-asia.wargaming.net to view all challenges. The battle type that is still valid will be shown at the top of the challenge page.

2.) Select your challenge and click the "JOIN" button!

3.) Now you are participating!

4.) Scroll down to check your progress on the Prize Pool and leaderboard.

5.) Players can stop participating at any time.


Good luck in battles, commanders!