[Premium Shop] Lunar New Year Leadup - Sneak Peek

Tank Commanders,

Keep a lookout. This is the list of tanks that will be passing by before the Lunar New year. Check the World of Tanks portal daily for the deal of each day!

Roll Out!

Event Start: 14 January, 2017 (Saturday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)
Event End: 27 January, 2017 (Friday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Featured Premium Tanks  

T-54 First Prototype

The Т-54 First Prototype is a Premium Tier VIII Soviet medium tank. It looks like the T-44 but has a number of key differences. This Premium vehicle has improved armor: the hull and the turret have a good chance of deflecting incoming shots, especially when the tank is actively maneuvering. The enhanced armor and low-power engine result in a less agile vehicle, a difference which is most noticeable during initial acceleration. Nevertheless, the vehicle's speed is sufficient to perform the standard roles of a medium tank. The prototype has a rapid-firing gun that shows no prominent advantages or disadvantages.

Like other Tier VIII vehicles, the T-54 First Prototype has high profitability and the possibility to transfer crews from other Soviet medium tanks without any penalties.


AMX Chasseur de chars

The AMX CDC is an extremely interesting tank. Built like a heavy but zooms across the map like a light, this beast is also armed with an excellent gun, all in a neat little package. To maximise your gun’s potential, avoid being hit by taking sniping and supporting roles. This vehicle’s speed also makes it an excellent scout.


T26E4 Superpershing

The T26E4 Super Pershing is an American Tier VIII premium medium tank which has improved armour in comparison to the M26 Pershing. It is even possible for some shells to penetrate the spaced armour without the tank taking serious damage. The tank's DPM and accuracy are decent.

However, do take note that the T26E4 Pershing is very slow for a medium tank. So, use strategies that work best with medium tanks. Knowledge of different terrains and sneaking up on enemies from the rear and sides will contribute to your future victories.


FCM 50t

Take the FCM 50t if you're looking for a French tank that can aid your transition from medium to heavy tanks. This Tier VIII heavy runs at a maximum speed of 51km/h and can provide you with the familiarity of a medium tank's speed. On the plus side, it has a decent gun that penetrates 159-265mm of armour. The tank can put up a good fight with excellent aim time, accuracy, and reload time.

One of the tank's drawbacks is its low damage for its tier. The large size makes the tank bad at performing sneak attacks or taking cover.



The IS-6 is a Tier VIII premium heavy tank which belongs to the Soviet tech tree. This tank has decent mobility for a Tier VIII heavy – especially when compared to the Löwe. It packs a punch with its high damage and can prove to be a lethal weapon in close proximity engagements. It has one of the highest DPM among Tier VIII premium heavy tanks.



The T34 is a premium Tier VIII heavy tank from the American tech tree. It is one of the highest damage dealers for a Tier VIII heavy. With a powerful gun, shots can even penetrate certain Tier X vehicles.

Be careful to watch your back. Because there are lower-tiered tanks out there that can take down this tank with surprise attacks from behind. Utilize the T34's strengths by supporting the team from behind.



The Löwe is a Tier VIII Premium heavy tank. It has an excellent gun for a Tier VIII heavy with better accuracy & penetration compared to a Tiger II’s top gun. The excellent view range allows you to earn credits quickly.

The tank’s upper glacis armour is strong enough to withstand 122mm of penetration and its well-sloped front of turret can bounce of shells even from Tier IX TDs.


Type 64

The Type 64 is a Tier 6 Chinese Light Tank.

Its top speed at 72km/hr and excellent signal range makes it a great scout. This tank is able to run circles even around light tanks, so use the manoeuvrability to your advantage.

Be careful, though. The Type 64 has extremely thin armour on the front, sides, and rear. One of the best defence strategies is to keep moving and avoid getting hit. Target enemies with weaker armour if you wish to reap a few kills.



The SU-122-44 from the USSR tech tree puts up a good fight with its deadly DPM. Like most TDs, this tier 7 has very weak armour, but compensates with its ability to deal an insane amount of damage. Experts of hide and seek will love this tank. This tank is definitely a sniper, so make full use of its camouflage potential and have fun killing tanks long before they see you.



The T-34-3 is a Tier VIII Chinese medium tank.

This tank is a variant of the T-34-2, a Chinese credit tank and also its successor in the real world. Like all improved variants, the T-34-3 outshines its older brother in every single way in the game, featuring improved armour, weapons and mobility.

The main gun of the T-34-3 is undoubtedly the highlight of the tank, as it is taken directly from the 112. This means that the T-34-3 can potentially - with the use of premium HEAT rounds - achieve the same 250 penetration rating as the heavy tank, which is more than enough to pierce the armour of any medium tank in the field.

Because of its strengths, most players consider this a worthy alternative to the Type 59 medium tank.


Type 62

The Type 62 is a Chinese Tier VII premium light tank. It is currently not available from the in-game store & is rarely sold in the gift shop.

It has high maneuverability with a gun which has good accuracy on the move and does good penetration and damage with a good rate of fire. It has excellent turret traverse which aids the tank to keep its gun pointed at the opponent. Its turret is well-sloped for bouncing off shells.



The SU-100Y from the USSR is the stuff nightmares are made of. It has a very powerful 130mm gun which is extremely lethal on a Tier VI tank. If there are boss tanks to fight out there, this beast definitely qualifies. It may not be the fastest Tier VI Tank Destroyer, but it is easy to manoeuvre - which is great for tankers who are new to TDs.


AT 15A

The AT 15A is the first Tank Destroyer of the the British branch. It is a Tier VII vehicle.

This premium tank is a powerhouse that possesses a good rate of fire and excellent accuracy. It has high armour for a tank destroyer that can bounce off many shots when angled properly and is immune to ramming from most tanks, even those from a higher tier like the KV-5. It's also a great tank for earning medals such as spartan, sniper, master gunner, or cool-headed.


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