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Karl will stay and play for 3 more days!

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Tank Commanders!

Many of you have said that Karl has been a blast to play with, and that he's a refreshing change of pace after a few grueling rounds of Random Battles, 7v7 Mode battles and Clan Wars. You have been vocal in your support for our 8-bit wonder, and we have listened.

And that's why we're here to tell you that Karl and his gamemode will be extended until Monday, 7th April, 13:50 UTC +8 (5:50 UTC).

You may not believe it, but we at Wargaming are also fans of Karl, and we're definitely logging in to play with him over the weekend. If you haven't had the chance to receive a Karl or play the 'Battlecity' gamemode yet, you should! As most players will tell you, it's something you just have to try at least once, and there's no excuse not to now that Karl is available for a little longer.

Better get in now and start saying your goodbyes; although he's extended his stay this time, he really has to go on Monday. Will we ever see him again? Nobody knows for sure.

Even though we don't know the answer to that, Karl probably does. Who knows what his answer would be?



Thanks for all the fun on this year's April Fools!