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[In-game Event] April 1st Offensive

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Tank Commanders!

It's time to shake things up and bring out the big guns. On April 1st, we'll be providing a steady supply of secret weapons, taken from out secret weapons cache. It's so secret that we can't even tell you what it's about - you'll just need to see it for yourself!

To gain a secret weapon, you'll first need to prove your worth by destroying 10 enemy vehicles. A token will then be given to you to certify that you're capable of wielding this instrument of awesome power, and you will do so in your very next battle.

The weapon will be housed in its own consumable slot (i.e. it won't replace your existing consumables) and will function similarly to the battle consumables found in Strongholds mode. Simply press the hotkey for the slot (default hotkey is 7) and it will be activated.

Have fun!

Mission: April 1st Offensive

Event Start: 1 April, 2015 (Wednesday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)


April 1st Offensive

Destroy 10 vehicles to obtain a secret weapon while fulfilling the following conditions:

  • Random Battles only
  • Use a Tier V or higher vehicle


  • 1x Secret Weapon Token

Note: Players can repeat this mission after the Secret Weapon has been used in battle.