Arcade Cabinet: Launch All the Snowballs!


Arcade Cabinet winter event is in full swing with the launch of Snowballs! Take this opportunity to experience the fun of a snowball fight - just load your vehicles with ammo as usual and you'll have a stash of ready-made snowballs to hurl around.

In this mode, your shots look like veritable snowballs instead of fireballs, and they even crash onto enemy armor plates like them! (As you know, ice will suffice for destruction just as well as fire.) Out of all the shell types, high explosive ones are the most like snowballs, so they are the most efficient in the mode. We also tweaked the way they travel to make you feel like you are lobbing these snowballs rather than shooting them. To recreate the brutal and unpredictable nature of snowball fights in the game, we shortened reload times and boosted engine power for every vehicle.

Just remember that this is just the first of three episodes for the winter holidays and players can start launching snowballs on enemy vehicles starting on Dec 23 at 13:00 UTC+8.


Episode One: Snowballs

From Dec 23 at 13:00 (UTC+8) through Dec 26 at 03:59 (UTC+8)

Battle Modifiers

Smooth Curves

Shells follow curved trajectories.

Ice Shrapnel

The efficiency of all HE shells is increased. (This does not apply to arty HE shells.)

Frozen Armor

The armor penetration of all shells except HE ones is decreased by 25%.

Comfy Config

Reload time is decreased by 25%.

Fuel Additives

Engine power is increased by 50%.

How to Find Arcade Cabinet

You can enter the Snowballs and Ice Age modes via the mode selector or via a special window in the lower-right corner of your Garage.


Standard Rules for All Launches

All launches in Arcade Cabinet will be played according to the standard rules of Random Battles:

  • Battles are all single-tiered, fought in either Tier VIII or Tier X vehicles.
  • You receive XP and credits for battles, and you can use all types of regular consumables (personal and Clan ones).
  • XP multipliers for the first victory of the day work in the modes, and credits are put into the vault.
  • Snowballs and Ice Age battles don‘t contribute to Daily Missions or Personal Missions, but they count towards the mode progression.
  • Snowballs and Ice Age battles do not give you bonds, except for the event progression rewards—see below.
  • Holiday Ops bonuses to XP and credits earned apply to Snowballs and Ice Age battles.
  • You may play in Platoons if you wish (and are eligible for the bonuses if you do).

Each of the Arcade Cabinet submodes will have separate queues for Tier VIII and X vehicles. If there is an insufficient number of players in the queue, the matchmaker may launch a battle with fewer participants.

Battles in Arcade Cabinet: Winter will be fought on the following maps:

Prokhorovka (winter)

Karelia (winter)

Malinovka (winter)

Mannerheim Line