Arcade Cabinet: Ice Age Has Arrived!


We have tinkered with the game’s physics once again to deliver a fast-paced arcade mode called Ice Age. It’s all slippery: vehicles slide on any surface as if being on ice.

Sliding on slippery slopes is not all this mode is about! It's quite logical that while drifting, you need better aiming for the entire process to be fun. Therefore, while in this mode, you will get less dispersion from movement and traverse, and all rounds will fly faster. (There are a lot of action movies with precision shots taken while sliding, but none of them feature tanks.) Together with increased turret traverse, a higher top speed, and double the engine power, this produces some neo-tank (or matrix tank) effects—icy cool AND on ice!

Ice Age is played on six winter maps (three from Random Battles plus frost-touched Karelia, Prokhorovka, and Malinovka). Rule-bending extends to greatly increased top speedsturret traverse, and engine power. Together with less dispersion and all shells travelling much faster, this means being able to make snap shots while drifting—which is chill!

From December 30 through January 2, engage in gun kata (or gun fu if you wish) in your favorite tanks. Complete Battle Missions in the mode to receive bonds (400 in total).

Episode Two: Ice Age

From at 13:00 UTC+8 through  03:59 UTC+8

Battle Modifiers

Ice Cow Citadel

Vehicles are sliding as if they were on ice. Whee!

Rev It Up

The top forward speed is increased by 10 km/h.

Winter Tracks

The top reverse speed is increased by 30 km/h for all tracked vehicles.

Winter Tires

The top reverse speed is increased by 10 km/h for all wheeled vehicles.

Rotation Mechanism Greasing

The turret traverse speed is increased by 100%.

Fuel Additives

Engine power is increased by 50%.

Steady Aim

Dispersion during turret traverse and vehicle movement and traverse is decreased by 50%.


Shell velocity is increased by 50%.

How to Find Arcade Cabinet

You can enter the Snowballs and Ice Age modes via the mode selector or via a special window in the lower-right corner of your Garage.


Standard Rules for All Launches

All launches in Arcade Cabinet will be played according to the standard rules of Random Battles:

  • Battles are all single-tiered, fought in either Tier VIII or Tier X vehicles.
  • You receive XP and credits for battles, and you can use all types of regular consumables (personal and Clan ones).
  • XP multipliers for the first victory of the day work in the modes, and credits are put into the vault.
  • Snowballs and Ice Age battles don‘t contribute to Daily Missions or Personal Missions, but they count towards the mode progression.
  • Snowballs and Ice Age battles do not give you bonds, except for the event progression rewards—see below.
  • Holiday Ops bonuses to XP and credits earned apply to Snowballs and Ice Age battles.
  • You may play in Platoons if you wish (and are eligible for the bonuses if you do).

Each of the Arcade Cabinet submodes will have separate queues for Tier VIII and X vehicles. If there is an insufficient number of players in the queue, the matchmaker may launch a battle with fewer participants.

Battles in Arcade Cabinet: Winter will be fought on the following maps:

Prokhorovka (winter)

Karelia (winter)

Malinovka (winter)

Mannerheim Line