Time to Hurl Snow and Drift on Ice Again!


Two fun modes, Snowballs and Ice Age, are back again in the Arcade Cabinet! Both sets of rules change the game’s physics for the sake of sheer light-hearted fun. The battles take place on six snow-covered maps in Tier VIII or Tier X vehicles.

In the Snowballs mode, your shells turn into lumps of snow, flying by ballistic trajectories and leaving snowy splashes on enemy vehicles—that is, if you score a hit! The Ice Age mode is all slippery: Your mammoth machine has much less traction than usual and can be easily sent drifting—with style and some consequences, including smashing into an unlucky opponent‘s ride. Ouch!

Episode Three: Snowballs & Ice Age

From  at 13:00 UTC+8 through  03:59 UTC+8

Snowballs - Battle Modifiers

Smooth Curves

Shells follow curved trajectories.

Ice Shrapnel

The efficiency of all HE shells is increased. (This does not apply to arty HE shells.)

Frozen Armor

The armor penetration of all shells except HE ones is decreased by 25%.

Comfy Config

Reload time is decreased by 25%.

Fuel Additives

Engine power is increased by 50%.

Ice Age - Battle Modifiers

Ice Cow Citadel

Vehicles are sliding as if they were on ice. Whee!

Rev It Up

The top forward speed is increased by 10 km/h.

Winter Tracks

The top reverse speed is increased by 30 km/h for all tracked vehicles.

Winter Tires

The top reverse speed is increased by 10 km/h for all wheeled vehicles.

Rotation Mechanism Greasing

The turret traverse speed is increased by 100%.

Fuel Additives

Engine power is increased by 50%.

Steady Aim

Dispersion during turret traverse and vehicle movement and traverse is decreased by 50%.


Shell velocity is increased by 50%.

The Rules

Except for different physics, Snowballs and Ice Age have the same set of rules, as follows:

  • Battles are all single-tiered, fought in either Tier VIII or Tier X vehicles.
  • You receive XP and credits for battles, and you can use all types of regular consumables (personal and Clan ones).
  • XP multipliers for the first victory of the day work in the modes, and credits are put into the vault.
  • Snowballs and Ice Age battles don‘t contribute to Daily Missions or Personal Missions, but they count towards the mode progression.
  • Snowballs and Ice Age battles do not give you bonds, except for the event progression rewards—see below.
  • Holiday Ops bonuses to XP and credits earned apply to Snowballs and Ice Age battles.
  • You may play in Platoons if you wish (and will be eligible for the bonuses if you do).

How to Find Arcade Cabinet

You can enter the Snowballs and Ice Age modes via the mode selector or via a special window in the lower-right corner of your Garage.


Are you ready for cold weather fun? Put your warm padded helmet on, and prepare to shoot snowballs and drift on ice again!