Arcade Cabinet: Fight in the Darkness of the Night!


The dark mode has returned for its 2nd episode. Here's your chance to brave the darkness, battle through the night, and reap rewards. You can get a total of 400 for completing all missions, so, roll out into the stealthy night before the event ends on July 10 at 03:59 UTC+8.


How to Find Arcade Cabinet


Select Arcade Cabinet from the menu to the right of the “Battle!” button in your Garage. When hovering over the mode button, you’ll see a description of the combat modifiers to be applied in battle. Prepare for something completely different!


Arcade Cabinet: Darkness of the Night

Available from  at 12:59 UTC+8 through July 10  03:59 UTC+8

Teased in our roadmap video from the beginning of 2023, Darkness of the Night not only changes some basic gameplay parameters but also adds different lighting effects and nocturnal ambient sounds. All this creates a whole new sensation to awaken your tactical imagination. With spotting range down by more than a third, radio range halved, a shorter vehicle rendering range, and more, night fighting is stealth-based and happens at closer distances than usual.

Battle Modifiers

Tinted Optics
View range is decreased by 35%.
Signal range is decreased by 50%.
Faded Camo
The maximum time a vehicle remains spotted is decreased to 6 seconds.
Flash in the Night
The penalty to concealment after firing is increased x10.
Vague Horizon
The maximum rendering distance for vehicles is decreased to 465 m. You are not able to see vehicles that are farther than 465 m away from you, even if they are spotted by an ally, but you might still damage them if you’re lucky.

Vehicles are easier to spot after firing in the dark, so don’t forget about muzzle flash!

The Rules

  • You can play in any Tier VIII or Tier X vehicle.
  • Battles are 15v15 and single-tiered.
  • Platoons are available, and all Platoon bonuses apply.
  • You cannot complete missions except those created specifically for the mode.
  • Credits and XP can be earned.
  • Battle Pass Points and bonds cannot be earned.
  • All types of Reserves (Personal and Clan) can be used.
  • XP multipliers for the first victory of the day do apply.
  • Credits are added to the Credit Reserve.
  • Gold is not added to the Gold Reserve.

The Maps

The pale moon is glowing above three transformed locations with few other sources of light.

The Rewards

While playing as an armored night stalker is a reward in itself, you can also complete a short chain of battle missions during each Darkness of the Night launch and score some bonds.

  • Executor, Stage I
  • Executor, Stage II
  • Executor, Stage III
Executor, Stage I

Win two battles and be among the top 12 on your team by base XP earned each time.

Reward: 100

Executor, Stage II

Win three battles and be among the top 12 on your team by base XP earned each time.

Reward: 100

Executor, Stage III

Win five battles and be among the top 12 on your team by base XP earned each time.

Reward: 200

Roll out quietly in your sneakiest vehicles and prevail subtly, Commanders!