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Advent Calendar 2016 Announcement

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Tank Commanders,

We're just a day away from some of the biggest specials of the year! This December, you can expect the Advent Calendar to make a triumphant return on the World of Tanks portal.

Those of you who were around to see it last year would know what it's all about, but if you don't, read on!


What is the Advent Calendar?

Traditionally, the Advent Calendar is a special kind of calendar that one uses to mark the days leading up to Christmas. These come in many forms, but all of them have something in common: each date on the calendar contains a little secret that can be revealed on the day itself, from simple pictures to large boxes to place presents in.

You can probably guess what's in store for you just by reading this description!

Advent Calendar 2016: World of Tanks Edition

Starting from 1st December, we'll be hosting our very own Advent Calendar right here on the World of Tanks portal. You'll be able to view the dates, 'unwrap' the discounts that are available and gaze longingly at the ones that have yet to be revealed.

We won't tell you what these discounts are until the day itself, but we're sure you'll be looking forward to them! Aside from the Advent Calendar itself, we'll also put out daily announcements so you'll have an accurate idea of what's on offer.

A Hidden Bonus, Delivered Daily

In addition to the daily sales from the Advent Calendar, we're also gifting you a bonus code for a mystery gift!

But here's the catch: the code itself will be broken up into several parts, and each sequence of the code will be displayed on random days from the 1st day to the 24th day. We won't be repeating the code again, so you'll have to pay attention when it appears.

Stay tuned on 1st December and keep pressing that F5 button!

Roll out!

Click here to view the Advent Calendar