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24 January Player's Choice: Vote for your Favourite Specials!

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Tank Commanders!

As you know, we've been pumping out specials every week for as long as we can remember. The fact that each of these specials scratches an itch for our players is an amazing motivator for us, and it keeps us working on the next ones as soon as we can.

However, we also know that all of you want (and deserve) some say in what gets released each week. There's nothing better than telling us exactly what you want (discounts for the IS-3, perhaps?), and it's great fun knowing that your opinions can affect the entire Asia server in some way.

At the moment, we have three seperate votes for different types of specials, which we'll describe below with links to each voting thread. Scroll down to see what they are!


Player's Choice Vote #1: Tier X Special

In past Tier X specials, we highlighted a specific tank and gave it discounts and credit income bonuses, along with several other tanks in the same tech tree. Now you can choose the tank you want!

To vote for your Tier X tank of choice, click the button below to access the forum thread, where you will be presented with the available choices.

Vote for the next Tier X special here



Player's Choice Vote #2: Tank of the Month

For this vote, you'll get to choose a specific tank to be featured as Tank of the Month. The vehicle with the most votes at the end of the poll (For Tiers I to VIII) will receive a credit income bonus for all battles!

Vote for your favourite tank now by clicking the button below to access the forum thread.

Vote for the next Tank of the Month here



Player's Choice Vote #3: Map of the Month

For the first time ever, you'll get to vote a Map of the Month! Similar to the Tier X special and Tank of the Month, votes are collected to determine the community's favourite map.

But of course, you can't give a map sales discounts - so we're applying credit income bonuses instead! Whenever you finish a battle on the Map of the Month, you'll gain an increased credit income for that battle.

To vote for your favourite map, go to the forum thread by clicking the button below.

Vote for the next Map of the Month here



What about the other weekly specials?

It's important to stress that these votes do not affect our weekly specials in any way. We'll still be churning those out, so have no fear!

Get your votes in today!