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24 - 31 October: [Premium Shop] WGL APAC Season 2 Grand Finals/Spotlight UK Tanks

Tank Commanders,

You know it's an awesome time of the year when you get to watch the showdown of WGL S2's Grand Finals and celebrate Halloween within the span of a weekly special. To bring out the spirit of the season, we're rolling out some UK tanks and sweet, discounted premium packages. Need something scarier for the battlefields? There's a 15% discount on tier 8 premium tanks!

Browse the packages below:


24 - 31 October: [Premium Shop] WGL APAC Season 2 Grand Finals/Spotlight UK Tanks

Event Start: 24 October, 2014 (Friday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 31 October, 2014 (Friday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC) 

Please note that timings are not fixed and may vary within that range.


Package NamePackage ContentsValue in GoldPrice
WOT Trick or Treat Bundle
3 Days Premium
1 Garage Slot

2,200 USD 8.55
New Tank Prep Kit
1 Day Premium

1,750 USD 6.75

Super Value Pack

1 Day Premium


2,500 USD 10.15
Startup Booster

3 Days Premium


5,650 USD 21.25
Credits Booster
10,500 USD 41.75
Fortress Bundle
1 Garage Slot
7 Days Premium

12,675 USD 48.59
Nuffield Bundle
1 Garage Slot
30 Days Premium

19,300 USD 72.05
British Premium Bundle
Sexton I
Matilda Black Prince
3 Garage Slots
5,400 USD 13.80


15% discount on 1 Year or 1/2 Year Premium time
Purchase 3 Days Premium time for 350(was 650)
Purchase 7 Days Premium time for 680(was 1,250)
 50% discount on Garage Slots

Enjoy 50% discounts on the following Premium tanks:

  Tier III SPG Sexton I
Tier V MT Matilda Black Prince
Tier V HT Excelsior

Enjoy 15% discounts on the following Premium tanks:

Tier VIII MT T26E4
Tier VIII MT T-34-3
Tier VIII HT 112
Tier VIII HT FCM 50t
Tier VIII HT Löwe
Tier VIII HT T34
Tier VIII TD 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger


Featured Premium Tanks


The TOG II  has a generous dose of HP and strong armor. Its angled armor can also bounce enemy shells. Get this tank if you are looking for a survivor that can deal good damage. This British tier 6 heavy tank has a good rate of fire, accuracy, and penetration.

Many tankers make fun of the TOG II's size - it is clumsy at running and hiding. But it can be an intimidating force when used defensively or in support roles. Never underestimate the TOG II!

  • Good Rate of Fire
  • High HP for its tier
  • Great accuracy and penetration
  • Armor can bounce shots with good angling
  • Hard to be detracked
  • Resistant to ramming
  • Good matchmaking
  • It gives other players something to laugh about
  • Constantly underestimated on the battlefield
  • Second largest tank in the game, making it an easy target
  • Very poor top speed makes it 2nd slowest tank in game
  • Large ammo rack
  • Armor is mostly flat
  • Low alpha damage
  • Slow acceleration
  • Large tracks are easy to hit
  • One of the lowest win rates of all tanks



The AT 15A is the first Tank Destroyer of the the British branch. It is a tier 7 vehicle.

This premium tank is a powerhouse that possesses a good rate of fire and excellent accuracy. It has high armor for a tank destroyer that can bounce off many shots when angled properly and is immune to ramming from most tanks, even those from a higher tier like the KV-5. It's also a great tank for earning medals such as spartan, sniper, master gunner, or cool-headed.

Its weaknesses lie in the gun slit which is easily penetrated and its slow turning that makes it susceptible to flanking so exert great precaution during fights to prevent incurring huge repair costs.

We recommend this tank if you are looking for a challenge as it's no easy feat to master this vehicle. However, if you do successfully utilize it effectively, it's a sign that you're truly one of the better skilled Tank Commanders out there!

  • High armor for a TD
  • Shots can be bounced when angled well
  • Good Rate of Fire
  • Very high accuracy
  • Low ammo cost
  • Very wide gun traverse arc
  • Very good gun depression
  • Immune to ramming from most tanks
  • Very weak gun for its tier
  • Very slow
  • Weak hull armor
  • Turns slowly
  • Very low income generation for its tier


Sexton I

The Sexton I is a British tier 3 premium self-propelled gun.

Although it does not damage well, nor is it extremely accurate, it has a high rate of fire for its type. The Sexton I is also capable of reaching its top speed of 40km/hr quickly.

Keep firing and moving to get the best out of this machine!

  • High rate of fire
  • Fairly mobile
  • Huge ammo capacity
  • Large gun sweep
  • Low damage per shot
  • Poor shell penetration
  • Low XP generation limits training
  • Crew positions do not match well with other British SPGs


Matilda Black Prince

The Matilda Black Prince is a tier 5 medium tank. A collector’s piece for fans of the British Tech Tree. This tank has a decent defence with good armour and an above-average 610HP. Its view range of 350m and rate of fire at 26.09 rounds/min allows players to take on sniper roles for the team.

For best results, station the Matilda Black Prince further away from the front lines. Though slow, it is capable of dealing 56-94HP of damage.

  • Armour is better than it appears
  • High rate of fire with reasonable accuracy
  • Relatively low profile
  • Above average HP
  • Good matchmaking
  • Side skirts have thin spaced armour
  • Slow with poor power to weight ratio
  • Low damage and penetration
  • Small ammo capacity
  • Gun reloads faster than it can aim



Can’t decide between a medium and heavy tank? Think of the Excelsior as the perfect balance between a medium and heavy class. This British tier 5 tank moves at a decent pace of 38 km/hr and deals 83-138HP of damage. The Excelsior makes up for its speed with thick armour on the front and rear. Just be careful and avoid getting hit on its sides where armour is thin.
  • Good speed that can keep up with the pace of battle
  • Thick armour that stops many lower-tier shots and the occasional high tier
  • Good RoF for a 75mm gun
  • Surprisingly thick back armour can protect you a bit from ambushes
  • Poor penetration and accuracy with stock rounds - premium rounds required against heavies
  • Frontal armour profile is mostly flat and angling will expose your weak sides
  • Roof armour is only 19mm, making it vulnerable to arty or shots down from elevation
  • Somewhat low HP for a premium heavy
  • Weak side hull armour


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