The Mid-Autumn Festival: Join the Celebration and Earn Great Rewards


Another magical time of the year has come. One of the most beloved and anticipated holidays is knocking on the door. During the Mid Autumn Festival everyone is in a hurry to do the main thing — to meet loved ones, share mooncakes and traditional treats, admire the beauty of the magnificent full moon and share a festive dinner with the family.

This Mid Autumn, show your festive courage in battle journeys, be at the top of the leaderboards, enjoy the great rewards and fill your pockets with Mooncakes and amazing vehicles! Let's admire the moon and recall the myths of Hou Yi's heroic deeds and Chang'e's ascent to the moon.

Save the date: the in-game event will last from September 8, 14:00 UTC+8 to September 15, 14:00 UTC+8. Let’s celebrate this holiday together!

Redeem Mooncakes For Rewards

Mooncakes are the Mid-Autumn Festival's special treat and currency. You can earn them by completing main Moon Missions and spend them in a special Mid-Autumn Festival section of the Homefront Supply tab in the Depot. They are also available as bonus items in special Premium Shop bundles during the event.

Please note, as the Mooncakes expire (like the real ones) by the end of the event, you wouldn’t be able to redeem your rewards.


There will be 5 leaderboards - one for each vehicle type within the event that will be displayed in a special article. It should be noted that each leaderboard will have one main mission that can be completed three times using only a certain vehicle type! For each completion you will receive x3 festive decals (depending on the leaderboard vehicle type) and x1 Mooncake.

To add to the joyous atmosphere and get even more Mooncakes, you can also take advantage of a whole bunch of missions. After you complete the main mission within any leaderboard three times, you get access to the additional repeatable mission within the same leaderboard. Each completion of this mission will grant you points and a certain place in the leaderboard. The more times you complete the mission, the higher is your rank in the leaderboard.

At the end of the event, the top-88 players will receive a Tier VIII Premium tank with a 2-perks crew and 8 days of WoT Premium Account. Important: The reward vehicle depends on the leaderboard. If you couldn’t manage to rank within the top 88 and receive a Tier VIII Premium tank for free, you can purchase it in a special bundle in the Premium shop.

If you already have the reward vehicle, you will be given compensation in the form of credits. 

  • The top 888 players (excluding the top 88) will receive the “Hou Yi's Honor” 2D style and 3 days of WoT Premium Account.
  • The top 8,888 players (excluding the top 888) will receive 6 decals and one day of WoT Premium Account.
  • The rest of the players from the leaderboard (excluding the top 8,888) will receive 3 decals.

You can embark on the unique battle journey and take a range of rewards right now!

  1. If multiple players have collected the same number of points, they will be ranked in order of the most average XP they have earned on the certain vehicle type for the certain leaderboard during the event.

  2. The rewards will be credited to your account a few days after the event ends.


By participating in the event, you will have the opportunity to become the owner of these amazing decals.

Decals from left to right: "The Jade Rabbit's Blessing", "Hidden Moon", "Moon Gazing", "Mooncake", and "Moon Goddess".

2D Styles

Apart from Mooncakes and decals, you can earn a whole bunch of rare 2D Styles. For example, for certain rankings on the leaderboards, you can become the proud owner of the “Hou Yi's Honor” 2D Style.

In addition, in various bundles you will be able to find the perfect tank outfit to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival — “Soothing Moonlight” 2D Style that can be used on most vehicles.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to purchase four cool 2D Styles with the rewarded Mooncakes:

  • Soothing Moonlight
  • Hou Yi's Honor
  • Chinese Ceramics
  • Moon Viewing

Note: The Soothing Moonlight style cannot be applied on these vehicles - VIII Schwarzpanzer 58 , VIII IS-6 B , VIII Rheinmetall Skorpion G VIII Type 59 G  and VIII T34 B .


Mid-Autumn Festival Bundles

As always, we have a selection of bundles in the Premium Shop available which suit any wants and needs, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect package for you! Be assured, you can find gold, days of the Premium Account, cool-looking 2D Styles, great Premium vehicles from each leaderboard and other goodies there. The bundles also include mooncakes and some of them contain a cool “Soothing Moonlight” 2D Style.

Don’t miss the chance to purchase these Mid-Autumn Festival bundles before they're gone!


Participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival and don’t waste the chance to get your hands full of Mid Autumn gifts!

Roll Out!