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18-25 April: [Premium Shop] Mid April Specials

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Tank Commanders,

An army is only as strong as its weakest soldier. Same goes for tankers whether we are in a clan, a team, or a platoon. We must find strength in numbers, unity, and a diversity of skills to truly deserve glorious victories!

That's why in this special, you will find a total of 14 fine tanks from a variety of nations, tiers, and types - bundled up with handy battle resources for the perfect gift, or on sale at great discounts. Use your supreme tank knowledge to select the best tanks for yourselves and your friends!

Happy shopping!

18-25 April: [Premium Shop] Mid April Specials

Event Start: 18 April, 2014 (Friday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 25 April, 2014 (Friday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC) 

Please note that timings are not fixed and may vary within that range.


Package Name Package Contents Value in Gold Price
Economical Booster
1 Day Premium

250,000 Credits
1,525 USD 5.75
Big Savings Booster
3 Days Premium

1,000,000 Credits
5,650 USD 21.25
Rare Tank Mega Bundle
M3 Light
M4A2E4 Sherman
Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)
6 Garage Slot
14,440 USD 59.95
Blast from the Past Rarities
M3 Light 
4 Garage Slot
11,050 USD 41.89
KV5 Holiday Special
1 Garage Slot
7,800 USD 33.19
B2 Gold Bundle
Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)
1 Garage Slot

16,550 USD 62.49
B2 Gold and Credits Bundle
Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)
1 Garage Slot
30 Days Premium

3,000,000 Credits
16,550 USD 62.49
112 Bundle
1 Garage Slot
7 Days Premium
USD 52.29
T-34-3 Bundle
1 Garage Slot
7 Days Premium
 12,550 USD 48.09
Type 64 Bundle
Type 64
1 Garage Slot
3 Days Premium
USD 16.59

Enjoy 50% discounts on the following Premium tanks:

   Tier III SPG Sexton I
Tier V MT Matilda Black Prince
Tier V HT Excelsior


Enjoy 30% discounts on the following Premium tanks:

Tier VII TD AT-15A


More details on the featured tanks:


The Tetrarch is a Soviet tier 2 premium light tank.

It was provided to the USSR from Britain through the Lend-Lease Act. In World of Tanks, the Tetrarch is one to look out for as it mysteriously sneaks into gift shop bundles on rare occasions.

It is well-armed, fast on firm ground and has a powerful radio. This is balanced by very weak armour, and poor view range and traverse speed.
  • Excellent acceleration and top speed
  • Excellent penetration, accuracy and damage
  • Good turret traverse speed
  • Good signal range
  • Fantastic matchmaking
  • Poor armour
  • Poor view range
  • Accelerates much faster than its tracks could turn, affecting mobility
  • Rather low ammo capacity




The KV-5 is a Tier VIII heavy from the Soviet tech tree. It has a strong hull and turret armour. This makes the KV-5 a good choice for ramming strategies. If taking down an opponent's tank like a heavy-weight wrestling champion is your idea of fun, send this metal monster to your garage!

Although the KV-5 can run up to 40km/h, it needs space to execute ramming techniques. Also, beware of vehicles from higher tiers as the KV-5 cannot penetrate armor beyond 125-209mm.

Get the KV-5 if you strongly value a good defence and a tank's credit-earning capability.

  • Strong hull and turret armour
  • Can take a lot of damage
  • Decent speed for a heavy tank
  • High HP
  • Earns a high amount of credits
  • Good rate of fire
  • Large size makes it a challenge to find proper hiding spots
  • Low penetration for its tier
  • Slow turret traverse

M3 Light

The M3 Light is a Soviet tier 3 premium light tank. It is currently not available from the in-game store.

It was previously available to new players for completing the in-game training course. It's slightly better than a stock M3 Stuart, but inferior to one that's been fully upgraded. Even so, don't underestimate this tank, as it still has decent top speed and a fast-firing cannon.
  • Excellent top speed
  • Good turret traverse speed and elevation arc
  • Good rate of fire
  • Does not encounter tier 5 battles, unlike the regular Stuart
  • Poor damage and penetration
  • Poor view and signal range



 M4A2E4 Sherman

The M4A2E4 Sherman is a great support tank. This tier 5 American MT has a good RoF and does a fine job taking care of enemy scouts - especially medium and light tanks of a lower tier. It's got good mobility and can accelerate to its top speed of 52km/hr fairly quickly.

Although it has a superior frontal armour, you will not want to get hit on the sides while driving this tank. So stay close with teammates that can protect your sides and help absorb damage. This Sherman makes an awesome ride if you are into making credits fast!

  • Armour can bounce shots
  • Accelerates well
  • Good signal range
  • Good turret traverse
  • Good hull traverse
  • Good matchmaking
  • Larger than a regular Sherman
  • Inaccurate gun
  • Not to be used for scout rushes
  • Poor penetration




The T1E6 is a tier 2 American premium light tank. It has a great max speed (48km/hr) and rate of fire (42.86r/m). So, hit-and-run strategies work best for this tank.

Like most light tanks, the T1E6 has weak armor. This tank has a bad view range, so it does not perform well as a scout. For best results, team up with tanks that have stronger armor so you can utilize the T1E6's firing speed.
  • Accelerates quickly
  • No cost for AP ammo
  • Maneuvers well
  • Good rate of fire
  • Satisfactory reload time
  • Not a strong damage-dealer
  • Weak armor
  • Low accuracy
  • Limited view range



 B2 740 (f)

The Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) is a German tier 4 premium heavy tank. It has an excellent view range of 330m and has a gun with decent accuracy. A high rate of fire of 27.63 r/m helps this beast to deal lots of damage in battle. It can perform well in both long-range and close-distance combat. Enemy ammo tends to bounce off its thick hull sides too.

Although this tank has good defence and offence characteristics, it can be slow and hard to manoeuvre. It does not have difficulty taking care of enemy tanks of a similar tier. But will face problems when it's up against enemies with better armour.

  • High rate of fire and quick aim time
  • Good matchmaking
  • Thick hull sides can bounce most shots when angled well
  • Quick track traverse speed and adequate acceleration
  • Decent gun
  • Does not camouflage well
  • Frontal armour retains the 35mm weak spot
  • Thin turret is easily penetrated up close
  • Exposed tracks
  • Low top speed
  • Basic radio




The 112 is a Tier 8 Chinese heavy tank.

Most people will agree that the 112 is like a distant cousin of the IS-6 due to an approximately equal amount of armour and gun performance. However, there are some key differences that separate one from the other; its armour is slightly thicker and is distributed more towards the front rather than the sides, enabling it to withstand more hits in a head-on attack.

The gun's performance is equally impressive, which is enhanced by the premium HEAT rounds that it can fire. With it, one can achieve a powerful 250 penetration rating, which can demolish all but the toughest tanks in the game. As the speed of the 112 is adequate at best, the tank is most suited for brawling in close range, where its armour and armament can outlast the enemy.

  • Good alpha damage
  • Extremely effective frontal armour, effectively 240mm thick
  • Thick turret is cast and rounded, making it very tough
  • Good straight line speed, can keep up with some medium tanks
  • HEAT ammunition is very effective
  • Shoots rather slowly, considering the IS-2 has the same gun, is a tier lower and shoots faster
  • Very thin side armour, and cannot sidescrape as well as the IS-6
  • Very weak lower front plate is easily penetrated
  • Susceptible to both fuel tank and engine damage causing fires
  • Engine power is rather low, making acceleration sluggish
  • Bad tank traverse makes it turn badly
  • Poor accuracy, typical of Russian 122mm guns and their derivatives
  • Terrible aim time, also typical of Russian 122mm guns and their derivatives




The T-34-3 is a Tier 8 Chinese medium tank.

This tank is a variant of the T-34-2, a Chinese credit tank and also its successor in the real world. Like all improved variants, the T-34-3 outshines its older brother in every single way in the game, featuring improved armour, weapons and mobility.

The main gun of the T-34-3 is undoubtedly the highlight of the tank, as it is taken directly from the 112. This means that the T-34-3 can potentially - with the use of premium HEAT rounds - achieve the same 250 penetration rating as the heavy tank, which is more than enough to pierce the armour of any medium tank in the field.

Because of its strengths, most players consider this a worthy alternative to the Type 59 medium tank.

  • Tough turret
  • Great damage per shot
  • Very high penetration with gold ammo
  • Good mobility
  • Abysmal gun depression
  • Poor aim time and accuracy
  • Average penetration with AP ammunition
  • Long reload time for a medium tank
  • Low DPM



Type 64

The Type 64 is a Tier 6 Chinese Light Tank.

Its top speed at 72km/hr and excellent signal range makes it a great scout. This tank is able to run circles even around light tanks, so use the manoeuvrability to your advantage.

Be careful, though. The Type 64 has extremely thin armour on the front, sides, and rear. One of the best defence strategies is to keep moving and avoid getting hit. Target enemies with weaker armour if you wish to reap a few kills.

  • Excellent speed
  • Manoeuvres easily
  • Good gun depression
  • Decent view range
  • Great signal range
  • Weak armour
  • Slow turret traverse speed
  • Poor accuracy
  • Radio operator required
  • Usually matched with higher tiers



 Sexton I

The Sexton I is a British tier 3 premium self-propelled gun.

Although it does not damage well, nor is it extremely accurate, it has a high rate of fire for its type. The Sexton I is also capable of reaching its top speed of 40km/hr quickly.

Keep firing and moving to get the best out of this machine!

  • High rate of fire
  • Fairly mobile
  • Huge ammo capacity
  • Large gun sweep
  • Low damage per shot
  • Poor shell penetration
  • Low XP generation limits training
  • Crew positions do not match well with other British SPGs



Matilda Black Prince

The Matilda Black Prince is a tier 5 medium tank. A collector’s piece for fans of the British Tech Tree. This tank has a decent defence with good armour and an above-average 610HP. Its view range of 350m and rate of fire at 26.09 rounds/min allows players to take on sniper roles for the team.

For best results, station the Matilda Black Prince further away from the front lines. Though slow, it is capable of dealing 56-94HP of damage.

  • Armour is better than it appears
  • High rate of fire with reasonable accuracy
  • Relatively low profile
  • Above average HP
  • Good matchmaking
  • Side skirts have thin spaced armour
  • Slow with poor power to weight ratio
  • Low damage and penetration
  • Small ammo capacity
  • Gun reloads faster than it can aim



Can’t decide between a medium and heavy tank? Think of the Excelsior as the perfect balance between a medium and heavy class. This British tier 5 tank moves at a decent pace of 38 km/hr and deals 83-138HP of damage. The Excelsior makes up for its speed with thick armour on the front and rear. Just be careful and avoid getting hit on its sides where armour is thin.
  • Good speed that can keep up with the pace of battle
  • Thick armour that stops many lower-tier shots and the occasional high tier
  • Good RoF for a 75mm gun
  • Surprisingly thick back armour can protect you a bit from ambushes
  • Poor penetration and accuracy with stock rounds - premium rounds required against heavies
  • Frontal armour profile is mostly flat and angling will expose your weak sides
  • Roof armour is only 19mm, making it vulnerable to arty or shots down from elevation
  • Somewhat low HP for a premium heavy
  • Weak side hull armour


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