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14 - 21 November: [Premium Shop] USA Spotlight

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Tank Commanders,

There's a variety of tanks from the USA in these specials. Choose from a range of light, medium, and heavy tanks. Each tank has its own role to play in the field, so choose your weapon wisely.

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14 - 21 November: [Premium Shop] USA Spotlight

Event Start: 14 November, 2014 (Friday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 21 November, 2014 (Friday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC) 

Please note that timings are not fixed and may vary within that range.


Package NamePackage ContentsValue in GoldPrice
New Tank Prep Kit
1 Day Premium

1,750 USD 6.75
Super Value Pack

1 Day Premium


2,500 USD 10.15

Startup Booster

3 Days Premium


5,650 USD 21.25

7 Days Premium


8,250 USD 29.50
Mega Booster Pack

30 Days Premium


20,000 USD 72.89
Super Returns Bundle
1 Garage Slot
30 Days Premium

22,500 USD 83.29
Stylo Bundle
1 Garage Slot
30 Days Premium

24,800 USD 92.09


Enjoy 50% discounts on the following Premium tanks:

Tier II LT   T2 Light Tank
  Tier III LT M22 Locust
Tier V MT   Ram II
   Tier V HT T14


Featured Premium Tanks


The T26E4 Super Pershing is an American tier 8 premium medium tank which has improved armour in comparison to the M26 Pershing. It is even possible for some shells to penetrate the spaced armour without the tank taking serious damage. The tank's DPM and accuracy are decent.

However, do take note that the T26E4 Pershing is very slow for a medium tank. So, use strategies that work best with medium tanks. Knowledge of different terrains and sneaking up on enemies from the rear and sides will contribute to your future victories.


  • Thick sloped frontal armour is good for bouncing shots
  • Good rate of fire
  • Able to pivot in place
  • Great gun depression
  • Good matchmaking
  • Extremely weak side and rear armour
  • Fuel tanks are a weak spot
  • Weakspots are easily exploitable
  • Low acceleration and does not perform well at climbing uphill
  • Poor AP penetration



The T34 is a premium tier 8 heavy tank from the American tech tree. It is one of the highest damage dealers for a tier 8 heavy. With a powerful gun, shots can even penetrate certain tier 10 vehicles.

Be careful to watch your back. Because there are lower-tiered tanks out there that can take down this tank with surprise attacks from behind. Utilize the T34's strengths by supporting the team from behind.


  • Capable of high penetration and alpha damage
  • Frontal turret has a strong defense
  • Great gun depression
  • Good acceleration
  • Excellent credit maker
  • Low rate of fire
  • Inaccurate
  • Takes long to aim
  • Poor view range
  • Very weak hull armour
  • Slow traverse
  • Large size makes it easy for enemies to spot
  • Catches fire easily


T2 Light Tank

The T2 Light Tank is an American tier 2 premium light tank. It is very fast with a top speed of 72 km/hr. Good driving skills are needed to bring out the best in this tank. Well-executed circling tactics will increase your rate of survival.

It has a weak gun and poor armour. So, keep moving to avoid enemy fire. Avoiding direct contact is also a good idea since being rammed to destruction is a possibility. This tank serves as a great distraction to opponents while your teammates take down unsuspecting tankers.

  • Great acceleration and top speed
  • Deals a decent amount of damage
  • Good gun elevation
  • Small size allows it to hide in bushes easily
  • Poor armour
  • Poor view range
  • Poor signal range
  • Poor matchmaking


 M22 Locust

The M22 Locust is a fast and fun tank to play. It's a small sized American tier 3 premium light tank that can reach a top speed of 64km/hr pretty quickly regardless of terrain. Don't get too carried away by its fast speed though, as the radio range of the M22 is limited.

It boasts a higher penetration that its German counterpart, the T-15, but is less manoeuvrable and has a lower view range. It has good penetration for its tier with a 37 mm M-6 gun equipped and can take out opponents with its high rate of fire. However, the gun cannot penetrate tier V tanks unless you target their weak spots. One thing to look out for when playing this tank is to be mindful of your ammunition supply as the limited supply of 50 shells can run out quickly.

  • Good hit points for this tier
  • Nice top speed
  • Good penetration for its tier
  • Good accuracy, aim time, turret traverse speed and elevation arc
  • Good accuracy on the move
  • Good view range
  • Not very agile
  • Low protection
  • Small ammo capacity
  • Poor signal range
  • No special matchmaking


 Ram II

This American tier 5 premium medium tank is well-armoured and has decent speed for its type. The Ram II has a strong defence that makes it a great support tank. Be mindful of weak spots and this tank can be one tough customer for enemies to handle.

Although its penetration is not fantastic, it is effective against most tier 5 tanks. Its rate of fire at 26.2 rounds/min gives it a high DPM which can take out tanks with weaker armour. You can choose to team up with a tank with stronger firepower to leverage on each other's strengths.


  • High DPM
  • Manoeuvres and accelerates well
  • Higher chances of bouncing shells
  • Good in close-range combat
  • High HP
  • Good armour
  • Poor view range
  • Weakspots can easily be exploited
  • Poor alpha damage
  • Slow aim time
  • Poor accuracy



The T14 is a tier 5 heavy tank that has an upper-hand over medium tanks of a similar tier or under. It has thick turret armour on all sides. And has a good rate of fire, allowing it to dish out damage before an enemy knows what's happening.

Although the T14 is the weakest heavy tank for its tier, it has decent mobility which will allow you to move out and help allies in need. Familiarise yourself with hull down tactics to get the best gameplay out of this tank.


  • Good speed and acceleration
  • Strong turret armour
  • High DPM
  • Earns credits quickly
  • Good HP
  • Low alpha damage
  • Low penetration
  • Slow Traverse speed
  • Bad accuracy


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