[Tank Guide] Progetto M35 mod. 46

The first Italian vehicle introduced in World of Tanks, the  VIII Progetto M35 mod. 46  comes with the "autoreloader" mechanic. This feature allows its commanders to either shoot like a normal tank or empty an entire clip like autoloaders do. Learn how to make full use of the Progetto's flexibility!


The Progetto M35 mod. 46 shares many similarities with the German Leopard tanks in terms of looks and armour profile. Both of them move around the battlefield pretty quickly, but neither the hull nor turret armour will reliably protect you from incoming fire. It gets clear pretty quickly that this Italian vehicle is not made for absorbing damage. Instead, play as a supporter, take some shots here and there, and make use of your clip when needed.

Let's take a closer look at the autoreloader mechanic. Being a mix of a single-shooter and autoloader, you have the freedom to choose and change your playstyle whenever you need to. This allows you to be more flexible, making the autoreloader a potentially very powerful weaponHere are some tips on how to use the new mechanic to your advantage:

  • If the clip is empty, avoid shooting as soon as the first shell is in the magazine. Otherwise, the reload time will always be at its maximum.
  • When unloading your clip, make sure you're able to retreat somewhere to reload safely. As stated above, reload your entire magazine unless you have no other choice.
  • Having a magazine may lead to greedy play. Don't unload all shells if there's a risk of taking more damage than you'll deal in return.

Special mechanic aside, how does the gun perform? The damage per shot is average, but the potential of unloading a 3-round clip makes it much more menacing. Both the aim time and accuracy are pretty good. You can snipe at the opponent if needed, but we recommend to stay a bit closer to your targets. Your autoreloader will make the enemy team more hesitant when it comes to attacking, at least as long as your clip is full.


Recommended SETUP

Taking a look at the equipment above; you're surely surprised to see a Tank Gun Rammer. "But it's got a magazine" is what you might think. That's true – however, each shell is reloaded separately, unlike conventional autoloaders. The Vertical Stabilizer and Improved Ventilation give you some useful bonuses to your accuracy.

Crew Skills


A fairly normal choice of crew skills. Obviously, Repair should be your highest priority. As a medium tank counting on its mobility, keeping your tracks running is crucial for your survival. The other skills and perks will improve your gun's performance noticeably.