[Tank Guide] T-34-85 Rudy

Here is the superstar of the Polish TV series 'Four tankmen and a dog', the T-34-85 Rudy! It comes with a special crew from the series, plus the dog Szarik, barks when you click on him in the crew section. Let's see what this special T-34-85 can do on the battlefield!


First off, it may be a special version of the T-34-85, but the Rudy's gameplay is similar to the regular Soviet vehicle in the tech tree. In terms of protection, don't expect much from it. Despite the hull being angled, it's quite thin and won't really deflect anything. Your turret front is thicker and is angled as well, which can result in some lucky bounces. Watch out though, as a well-placed shot can still penetrate and will most likely damage your ammo rack.

Mobility-wise it's on par with most other medium tanks, reaching crucial positions is no issue at all. We also encourage you to play a bit more aggressively with the T-34-85 Rudy. The accuracy isn't exactly bad but not great either; it's a Soviet tank, after all. Get closer to your targets to make your shots count.

Avoid fighting on hilly terrain. The deal-breaker isn't just the mediocre gun depression, but this in combination with the tall profile of this vehicle.

The 85 mm gun deals more damage than other medium tanks of the same tier and can be even a nasty surprise for heavy tanks. To compensate, the rate of fire is slightly lower, but the damage per minute is still pretty high. Depending on the vehicle you face, you can either trade shots or try to land more hits while your opponent is reloading.


Recommended setup

This set of equipment is commonly used on medium vehicles because it improves all the important combat characteristics of this class – rate of fire, gun dispersion, and view range. On this tier, there aren't any alternatives to this setup.

Crew Skills


Despite the vehicle coming with a crew having the 'Brothers in Arms' perk, we've selected the crew skills and perks as if you would be training crews from other vehicles. Of course, this choice of crew skills is consistent with other Soviet medium tanks.

Multinational Vehicle

The T-34-85 Rudy is a multinational vehicle! That means it can switch between Polish and Soviet nationalities.

Multinational Vehicles can:

  • Train crew from applicable nations.
  • Complete missions for applicable nations.