[VR Project] Virtually Inside the First Tanks

Tank Commanders,

The first modern tank engagement took place in the Battle of the Somme in 1916. Known as the 'Mark I', the vehicles that participated in that iconic battle have come to be recognised as the oldest of its kind.

With the celebration of the '100 Years of Tanks' anniversary, join Richard 'The Challenger' Cutland and Nicholas 'Chieftain' Moran in a brand-new VR experience as they explore the oldest members of the collection at The Tank Museum at Bovington, UK, including the world's last surviving Mark I tank.

This VR 360-degree video is enhanced using in-game VR scenes of the Mark I in World of Tanks. This is the first time WG is releasing a video of their groundbreaking in-game VR video playback as well, putting any viewer in observer mode, whether they have the game installed or not.

Want to know more? Click here to visit mark.worldoftanks.asia.

Viewing the 360-degree video

In order to enjoy the 360⁰ feature of the video, all you need is a PC or a smartphone or tablet with the YouTube mobile app. The free Littlstar app can also be used to view the video on your smart device (available for both Android and iOS).

Littlstar Mirror:

Note: Both Youtube and Littlstar videos will work on desktop, although Littlstar is more mobile-friendly.

For the best immersive experience, you can use your smartphone together with Google Cardboard. Android users: VR mode for Google Cardboard experience available both in YouTube and Littlstar apps; iOS users: install Littlstar app (YouTube app does not support VR mode for iOS)

Special In-Game Event: Convoy

Viewing the first tanks up close in VR is all well and good, but why not participate in an exciting in-game battle involving the Mark I tank right here in World of Tanks?

On September 15, we'll be releasing a special new in-game event that will allow you to do just that!

Interested? Click on the link below to watch the event video trailer and read all about it.

Learn more about the Convoy event