Inside the Tanks: The T-54/55

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Tank Commanders,

In this episode of Inside The Tanks, we get an in-depth look at an iconic tank of the Cold War Era.

Designed by the same team that built the legendary T-34, the T-54/55 is one of the longest-serving and the most-produced tank in the world. If ever there was a tank whose status was equivalent to the AK-47, it would be the T-54/55.

Its design was a direct result of combat experience in World War 2. The appearance of heavy German armour like the Panther meant that Soviet tanks like the T-34 needed a more powerful gun. It was given a more powerful gun, but then came the question of how it could be further improved.

The T-34 had proven itself a highly effective tank, so its chassis was used as a starting point for research and development. One upgrade led to another, until a completely new tank was created. The T-54 was born. It was later further upgraded to cover up its weaknesses,  and this model became known as the T-55.

In all, over 100,000 of these tanks were built, inclusive of allderivatives and variants. Many of these tanks are still in service in many low-intensity conflicts throughout the world.

Watch this episode for the full story behind the T-54/55!

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