Inside the Tanks: The Muckleburgh Collection

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Tank Commanders,

We are back with a new batch of videos for the Inside the Tanks series!

In order to bring you interesting new content, we have ventured to the East Coast of England and filmed some of The Muckleburgh Collection's finest vehicles.

The Muckleburgh collection is a military museum, built out of the former Weybourne Anti Aircraft Training Camp. The camp was initially used only for training, but was later fortified and equipped with additional gun emplacements in response to the threat of war. The camp remained operational until 1958. The location is now home to a private collection of military exhibits, inclusive of tanks and artillery pieces, many of which are in working order even today.

We are very excited to share our new content with you, and we have many special videos lined up for you, slated for release over the coming weeks.

This intro video will show you a glimpse what we’ve been up to, what comes next, and show you some of the best parts of this interesting collection!

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