Inside the Tanks: The M47 Patton

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Tank Commanders,

In this next episode of Inside The Tanks, we take an in-depth look at the M47 Patton, a major tank of the Cold War Era.

Its predecessor, the M46 Patton, was created as a stopgap solution to problems encountered during tank development. The M46 Patton was supposed to be replaced by the T42, but because the Korean War broke out, the US military needed a new tank on short notice.

They deemed it unlikely that they could finish the T42's design, work out technical issues, and produce the tank in time. It was then that they decided to mount the T42's turret on the hull of the already familiar M46... and so, the M47 Patton was born.

The M47 Patton never saw combat under the American flag. Instead, it saw action with the armies of the nations it was exported to. In the right hands, it was deadly. During the Six-Day War, the Israeli military lost more than a hundred tanks, and the losses were mostly attributed to Jordanian M47s.

Watch this episode for the full story behind the M47 Patton!

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