[Video] Inside the Tanks - The AMX-13: Part I

Tank Commanders,

In this episode of Inside The Tanks, The Challenger brings us to the home of private collector Mr. Warwick Bolton to visit his pride and joy - an AMX-13, which he restored.

This French light tank is familiar to many of us, not only because it was widely exported, but also because it served in many Asian nations. Notable operators/former operators include India, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Singaporeans will find this vehicle especially familiar, given that it was the mainstay of the Singapore Armed Forces for many years as the AMX-13, and later as its locally modernised variant, the SM1. However, we may not see this vehicle for much longer. In recent years, the Singapore Armed Forces has been gradually phasing it out in favour of more modern tanks such as the Leopard 2SG.

Let's have a look at this tank, which served in many countries and saw so much action around the world!

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We hope you enjoyed this first part of a special episode with The Challenger. See you next week for Part 2!