[Video] The Challenger: Asia Edition - Australian Armour and Artillery Museum

Tank Commanders!

We've shown you some amazing museums and exhibits of restored World War II vehicles over the past few years, like Bovington (UK) and Kubinka (Russia). But did you know that there are similar treasure troves to be found in Asia Pacific itself?

Although these places in our corner of the world aren't as famous as the legendary collections we all know and love, that doesn't mean there's nothing else to see. In fact, some would say that their obscurity makes discovering them even more exciting.

And discovery is what we're going to do in this new video series.

The Challenger: Asia Edition - Australian Armour & Artillery Museum

As one of our top military experts here in Wargaming, Richard 'The Challenger' Cutland has presented hordes of tanks in numerous videos. Now, he's training his sights on Asia and its secret stash of restored military equipment.

His first stop lies in the city of Cairns, located at northeastern coast of Australia. The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum recently opened in September 2014 and has seen a steady amount of visitors since then. Featuring a staggering armount of military vehicles that have seen service at different points in the 20th Century, this museum is an excellent choice to kick off the series.

The full video is now available, so watch it now! And don't forget to check back soon - in the weeks to come, The Challenger will be visiting even more exotic places that could be right on your doorstep.

Roll out!