Tank Research #2 SU-100

Tank commanders,

Have you ever wondered how the actual tanks are similar to the those in World of Tanks? Let's find out by visiting where the actual tanks were exhibited and compare them! 

Let's meet our second hero! The tank destroyer  VI SU-100 !

Appearance comparison - SU-100 




Rear of tank

SU-100 at the Yongsan War Memorial in South Korea. It was captured at the time of Korean war.

Specification comparison

(exhibited at the Yongsan War Memorial)
Comparison SU-100
(In World of Tanks)
Length: 9.45m / Width: 3m / Height: 2.25m Size -
- Hit Points 580HP
Body: 75 / 45 / 45mm Armour Body: 75 / 45 / 45mm

31.6t Weight 31.55t
493HP Engine Power 500HP
48km/h Top Speed 50km/h
16HP/t Power-to-weight ratio 15.85HP/t
V-2 12-cylinder 4-stroke water-cooled diesel engine
Engine V-2-34

100mm Gun


85 MM D-5S
85mm D-5S-85BM
100mm D10S
122mm D-2-5S

Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver Crew Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver

※ The specifications may differ depending on the model.

The SU-100's story in history

The SU-100 was developed by the Soviet Union in 1944 and operated as anti-tank artillery during World War II. 2,300 SU-100 were produced by July 1945, and large numbers of SU-100 were sent to Soviet allies after the end of World War II. The SU-100 was equipped with a 100mm gun on the body of the  VI T-34-85 which contributed to the improved firepower. It was widely operated in defeating German heavy tanks at the Eastern Front.

During the Korean War, North Korea operated the SU-100 provided by the Soviet Union. The SU-100 had strong firepower, while the armour was thin, making its defence vulnerable. Therefore, it was mainly used for infantry support and anti-tank missions.

After the first battle in Budapest in January 1945, the Soviet SU-100 was used in Hungary's Balaton operation in March. The SU-100 was reborn with the help of Wargaming. Check the remarkable moments of this tank destroyer in the footage below.

Source: WikipediaNamu-wiki

SU-100 in World of Tanks

The Tier VI  VI SU-100 has a rather high damage potential among the same-tier vehicles. The strength of its 100/122mm gun is enough to offset the weaknesses of its low hit rate and long reload time.

If you want to feel the excitement of a one-shot-kill, the SU-100 will be a good choice. Don't miss the chance to experience the true charm of a tank destroyer in battle!