Tank Research #4 M56 Scorpion

Tank Commanders,

Have you ever wondered how similar the actual tanks are to those in World of Tanks? Let's find out by visiting real-life tank exhibits and comparing them! 

First off, let's have a big round of applause for the American Tier VII tank destroyer, the VII M56 Scorpion !

Appearance Comparison - M56 Scorpion 


Inside the tank

The side of the gun



※ M56 Scorpion at the Yongsan War Memorial in South Korea. This tank was operated by the ROKA Army in the 1960s.

Specification Comparison

M56 Scorpion
(M56 Scorpion 
exhibited at the Yongsan War Memorial)
Comparison M56 Scorpion
(In World of Tanks)
Length: 4.55m / Width: 2.57m / Height: 2m Size -
- Hit Points 820HP
- (front bullet guard) Hull Armor Body: 1 / 1 / 1mm

12,000m Maximum Firing Range -
5.7t Weight 7.14t
200HP Engine Power 200HP
48.4km/h Top Speed 45km/h
Gasoline CONTINENTAL A01-403-5  Engine CONTINENTAL AOI-402-5

90 MM anti-tank gun


90 MM GUN M54

Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver Crew Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver

※ The specification information may differ depending on the model.

The M56 Scorpion in History

The US launched the T101 project on 27 April 1950 with the goal of developing a small-scale anti-tank gun capable of airborne transport, defending the frontline base, and launching high-speed shells. The original plan was for it to be transported by aircraft with carrying capacity of 7.25t. However, due to the failure of the M22, the design was modified to allow it to be dropped from the aircraft with a parachute instead.

To transport all the necessary equipment and the anti-tank gun with six parachutes, the aircraft loading capacity had to be at least 9.07t. The T101 project continued for 83 months, until the final result of the $2.5 million development project was released at last: the M56 Scorpion.

The M56 was a self-propelled anti-tank gun, designed specially for use by US airborne forces, and manufactured from 1953 to 1959 by U.S. General Motors. It featured a 90-mm anti-tank gun barrel with a 5-mm blast shield, and unprotected crew compartment. Because of its lightweight body, the M56 could be transported by helicopter or by air-drop.

The M56 was operated mainly in a fire-support role during the Vietnam War. With the introduction of the lighter airborne M551 Sheridan tank which had a fully-armored turret, the M56 was retired from service in 1967.


M56 Scorpion in World of Tanks

This US Tier VII tank destroyer has good concealment, sniping, and hit-and-run abilities. With its small, light body, this tank boasts excellent firepower and mobility. 

However, as it has almost no armor to protect it, this tank will be an easy target once detected by enemies. Use your high camouflage values to stay hidden while you eliminate your enemies one by one with your great alpha damage!