Tank Research #3 M24 Chaffee

Tank Commanders,

Have you ever wondered how the actual tanks are similar to the those in World of Tanks? Let's find out by visiting where the actual tanks were exhibited and compare them! 

Here it comes! One of the best light tanks  V M24 Chaffee !

Appearance comparison - M24 Chaffee 



Turret side

Rear of tank


※ M24 Chaffee at KAI Aerospace Museum in South Korea. It was donated by the US Army in 1974.

Specification comparison

M24 Chaffee
(exhibited at KAI Aerospace Museum)
Comparison M24 Chaffee
(In World of Tanks)
Length: 5.5m / Width: 2.9m / Height: 2.5m Size -
- Hit Points 330HP
15~38mm Armour Body: 25 / 25 / 19mm
Turret: 38 / 25 / 25mm

18.4t Weight 18.16t
220HP Engine Power 380HP
55km/h Top Speed 62km/h
160km Operational Range -
- Power-to-weight ratio 20.92HP/t

75mm Gun
7.62mm *2 machine gun
12.7mm machine gun


75 MM GUN M6

Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver, Radio operator Crew Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver, Radio operator

※ The specifications may differ depending on the model.

The M24 Chaffee's story in history

The American light tank M24 Chaffee was operated in the late World War II and operated in the wars after WWII.

The M24 Chaffee was developed to replace the old-fashioned light tank M5, which was used for various military purposes. About 4,731 M24 Chaffees were manufactured from 1944 to August 1945. The first produced 34 M24s arrived in Europe in November 1944 and were deployed to the United States's second mechanical cavalry, which was stationed in France.

The name 'Chaffee' was given by the British Army, which is after the name of American general Adna R. Chaffee Junior who developed the American cavalry tactical operation strategies. The French operated the M24 in Algeria in World War II and in the first Indochina War. In December 1944, at the Battle of Bulge, a unit with M24 advanced to the southern front. Two M24s among them were dispatched to the US 740 tank battalion.

It has been retired for a long time in the United States and the UK, but it is still being used with outdated equipment in some countries.

M24 Chaffee in World of Tanks

The Tier V light tank  V M24 Chaffee  shows fast speed and great mobility. Due to its weak engine power, the climbing speed on sloping hills is quite slow, but traversing speed is excellent compared to the same tier light tanks.

Another advantage of the M24 Chaffee is its extremely wide view range (350m) and signal range (410m). Combining the great benefits of view range and camouflage allows you to scout your enemies without being detected.

Make the most of the M24 Chaffee and experience awesome battles with this excellent light tank!