Memes 'N Tips #3

Tip o' the Day: Crew Skills and Perks are the secret ingredients that turn your vehicle from a modest tank to a superpowered killing machine.
Many will tell you that the Sixth Sense perk is king, and they're not wrong - with a visual and audio indicator that lets you know when you're spotted, your chances of survival will be vastly elevated.
Want to know more about Skills and Perks? Check out this handy guide for the basics, or head over to the Wiki for the hard numbers and detailed info.

!!! Bonus Meme !!!


BONUS TIP: The Situational Awareness skill grants up to 3% better view range, compared to Recon's 2% improvement. Situational Awareness is typically available only to Radio Operator crew, but some vehicles require that the commander fulfill both roles.
It's definitely possible to stack the benefits of both Situational Awareness and Recon, but it's probably a better idea to invest a Skill/Perk slot into Sixth Sense before doing so.