Act III Customizations: Shine on the Battlefield!

Update 02 July, 2020:

Act III activities will end on 10 July, 14:00 UTC+8 instead.

Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

The 10th Anniversary celebration of World of Tanks is the perfect occasion to add even more character to your favourite tanks, Commanders!  

Our anniversary party continues with Act III: Rubicon, kicking off on June 17 at 07:00 (UTC+8). At this time, we'll add new unique customization items to the Anniversary Store. These customization elements are based on the legacy of World of Tanks and they reference curious facts from the game’s history. Let's take a look at the new items that will be up for grabs as Act III starts. 


The customization elements from previous Acts will continue to be available in the Store throughout the event. All Anniversary Coins you’ve earned during previous Acts will remain on your account throughout the 10th Anniversary event, and any customization elements you purchase will be yours permanently.

Exclusive Decals 

Apply one-of-a-kind decals from the Anniversary Store to make a statement on the battlefield!


The decals shown below are not historical and are only available for Tier VIII Premium and Tier X vehicles. They are available in the Anniversary Store for 20 Anniversary Coins.


There is no surrender. Either you destroy it, or it destroys you. It's in your hands.


I guess this dog van comes with commander Lloyd and Harry the gunner.

It's Karl, Karl!

126 tons, 11 meters, 4 shells... It's 8-bit and perfect!


Another way to let off steam is to kick the ball. This is frequently observed during WoT football events.


Two things are usually required of the commander: to make a good plan and to keep a straight face.

Global Map

My plans for the evening: maps, landings, two provinces.

Delivery Service

Remember the secret weapon that was tested back in 2015? Well, it's still effective.

Unique Emblems 

Emblems are an excellent customization element for those who want to swap out the usual identification signs on their vehicles for something a little more personalized. Choose the ones that are right for you from a large number of emblems! 


The emblems shown below are not historical and are available for vehicles of all tiers. They are available in the Anniversary Store for 10 Anniversary Coins

First Historical Battle

You Have My Respect, Gentlemen!

Girl Power

My Cozy Stronghold

Female Voiceover

Picture Puzzle

Cool Inscriptions 

Want to send a funny message to allies or adversaries? Head to the Anniversary Store and choose from many humorous inscriptions! Each of them is associated with some special moments from the game and they are sure to bring a smile to your face.


The inscriptions shown below are not historical and are available for vehicles of all tiers. They are available in the Anniversary Store for 10 Anniversary Coins.

Totally Historical

Bring Back KV-1S!

Football 2014

Tank Racing 2014




Smashing 2D Styles: The Icing on the Cake

But the most spectacular and coveted customization elements are special personalized 2D styles for three legendary vehicles. This Act features unique custom looks for the M4A1 Revalorisé, the Panzer 58, and the Škoda T 40. Which one do you like best, Commanders?


All styles are not historical and are only available for specific tanks. Each style costs 100 Anniversary Coins.

  • Chasseur de Croissant
  • Chocolate Bar
  • Ersatz Armor

M4A1 REVALORISÉ and the Chasseur de Croissant style

PANZER 58 and the Chocolate Bar style

ŠKODA T 40 and the Ersatz Armor style

Finally, you can get your hands on an additional all-season custom look—Sense of Direction, Mk. III— made from a mixture of World of Tanks mini-map fragments from all 5 thematic Acts. Like the styles from the previous Acts, the camo of this custom look highlights new battle locations and images of bases that are used as emblems.

All customization elements from previous Acts will be available in the Anniversary Store throughout the event. Additionally, during Act III, the Premium Shop will feature special Anniversary bundles with gold and Anniversary Coins, as well as three bundles with iconic vehicles: the M4A1 Revalorisé, the Panzer 58, and the Škoda T 40, each with a unique style.

Earn Anniversary Coins, exchange them for exclusive customizations, and shine on the battlefield!