WoT 10th Anniversary Act II: New Customization Elements

Tank Commanders!

The celebration of the 10th Anniversary of World of Tanks continues! Act II is already underway, and with it a whole host of unique new customization elements has been added to the Anniversary Store: styles, decals, emblems, and inscriptions. All you need to do to get them is to complete special missions and earn Anniversary Coins that you can then exchange for the items of your choice.

Here's where to find the Store:

Short on Anniversary Coins? Don't worry, your Coins from each Act will carry over to subsequent Acts as the list of rewards continues to grow! All customization elements purchased during the 10th Anniversary celebration using Anniversary Coins will remain on your account after the event ends.


Decals are one of the easiest ways to not only decorate your vehicle, but also steal the limelight on the battlefield. Apply celebratory decals from the Anniversary Store to remind your fellow tankers of those occasions that hold a special place in your heart.

Charging IS

I was standing in the middle of the road and saw 70 tons of steel rushing towards me at a speed of over 60 km/h. I woke up in a cold sweat. It was just a dream, right?

SPG Nerf

Not long ago, SPGs used to terrify many WoT commanders. It took only one shot to reduce a vehicle's hit points by 100%, which made unlucky players go ballistic, crushing keyboards, armchairs, and other home decor items. Soon, SPGs were nerfed.

De Jure Armor

In theory, players in the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t can rely on its armor. In practice, players in the FV4005 Stage II prove that French armor is just an illusion.

KV Split

A long time ago, the Tech Tree had a KV tank at Tier V, which led to the KV-1 and KV-2 tanks. However, this required too many modules, so we split the tank in two in Update 0.7.3.

Dragon Ridge (Reproduction)

A reproduction of a controversial, but still well-liked, map. Removed from the game.

The decals above are not historical and can only be applied to Tier VIII Premium vehicles and all Tier X vehicles.
Cost: 20 Anniversary Coins.

Balance Improvements

The description of this decal is unbalanced and needs to be improved.

Houston, We've Had... A Problem?

AMX ELC bis in the sky with diamonds... This is fine.

Jack of All Trades

This is what the Commander looks like when all the other crew members are knocked out.

Kannot Gitgud

By applying this decal to your vehicle, you automatically deny all responsibility for any action in battle (or not...).

The decals above are not historical and can only be applied to Tier VIII and Tier X vehicles.
Cost: 20 Anniversary Coins.


The perfect choice for anyone who wants to replace the standard markings with something more distinctive and unique.

Fire in the Hole!

Like on Discovery Channel

First Encounter Battle

First Assault Battle

First Tank Company Battle

The emblems above are not historical and can be applied to vehicles of all tiers.
Cost: 10 Anniversary Coins.


Want to send your opponent a message, but the General Chat is no longer available? Use inscriptions instead! We have a bunch of them, in different versions.

You've Been Spotted!

In RNG We Trust

I Saw a White Tiger...

The inscriptions above are not historical and can be applied to vehicles of all tiers.
Cost: 10 Anniversary Coins.


For dessert, we have the most striking and impressive customization elements—new 2D styles for some of your favorite vehicles. Act II will treat you to a blast from Gramps's past, star-striped cheer, and a hint at a peculiar appetite. Which style will you choose?

  • The Old Man
  • General America
  • Hot TOG

IS-6 and the Old Man style


T26E4 SuperPershing and the General America style

T26E4 SuperPershing

TOG II* and the Hot TOG style


The styles above are not historical and can only be applied to certain vehicles.
Cost: 100 Anniversary Coins.

And finally, a unique style from Act II that can be applied to any vehicle—Sense of Direction, Mk. II. This style gently reminds you to keep an eye on the mini-map, as the tactical situation is constantly changing. Stay vigilant!

This style features a special camouflage for each map type. On summer maps, the camouflage is based on the Dragon Ridge minimap, which is currently removed from the game. On desert maps, the camouflage uses the old South Coast minimap. On winter maps, the camouflage depicts the old Severogorsk minimap.

The style is not historical and can be applied to vehicles of all tiers.
Cost: 150 Anniversary Coins.

Don't forget that the customization elements from Act I will continue to be available in the Store until the very end of the 10th Anniversary celebration, so you can redeem them any time.

You can also treat yourself to special celebratory bundles in the Premium Shop during the event. Some contain gold and Anniversary Coins, while others feature the three legendary vehicles: the  VIII IS-6 , the  VIII T26E4 SuperPershing , and the VI TOG II* , each with their own unique style. Be sure to check them out!

Stand out in the crowd with celebratory customizations!