Join the Steel Hunter Scramble Tournament 2022


There are some who would like to blast their bosses to smithereens. Here at World of Tanks, we livestream it!

With the release of the new and improved Steel Hunter game mode, the World of Tanks APAC staff is holding a staff-only exhibition tournament. Staffers will pair off into 10 teams of 2-player platoons. Each team will represent one region in APAC, or... management. This of course means that Big Boss, Alex - A.K.A. "CynicalSilicon" is in the firing line.

Watch us battle our colleagues and win some Steel Seals for yourself! From June 1 at 14:00 UTC+8 through June 7 at 14:00 UTC+8, you can also collect up to 650 Steel Seals by tuning in to Twitch.

If you're feeling twitchy yourself, join the Steel Hunter Scramble tournament on 11 June, 15:00 UTC+8 to earn prizes including gold, 2D styles, and decals! More details on prize pools and how to register below.

Staff Exhibition Tournament
"You're Fired"

Start Time:  2 Jun, 18:00 UTC+8
SEA Team: Conan
ANZ Team: Jayrated

Watch the Action

Steel Seal Twitch Drops

Available from 1 June at 14:00 UTC+8 through 7 June at 14:00 UTC+8

Collect up to 650 Steel Seals by tuning in to Twitch. The official World of Tanks SEA and ANZ channels, as well as selected content creators, will have these Steel Hunter Twitch Drops enabled.

The longer you watch one of the participating channels, the more rewards you can claim. Make sure not to miss out on these opportunities:

  • 90 minutes: 200 Steel Seals
  • 180 minutes: 450 Steel Seals

Use Steel Seals to rent mighty Steel Hunter event vehicles.

New to Twitch Drops? Check out the Twitch Drops Guide for more details on how to connect accounts, claim Drops, and more.

Steel Hunter Scramble Tournament

Play Offs + Grand Final:

Registration Deadline:
11 June, 15:00 UTC+8

9 June, 23:59 UTC+8
Game Mode: Steel Hunter - Solo



1st Place

2nd Place 10,000 
3rd - 4th Place 5,000 
5th - 8th Place 2,500
9th - 14th Place 1,000 
15th - 20th Place 500 

*Every player placing #1 in Finals matches will also receive:
1x "Professional Hunter" 2D Style

*Every player placing #1 in Group Stage matches will also receive:
1x "Amateur Hunter" 2D Style
*All participants (including qualifiers) will receive:
3x "Steel Hunter Mk.I" Decal

Join the Tournament  

"Steel Hunter Mk.I" Decal

2D Styles: "Amateur Hunter" + "Professional Hunter"

How to Join the Tournament


Please read this carefully before registration!

  • All registered players will receive a special battle invite, match start time is written in the lobby.
  • If the "Battle" button does not indicate "Ready", please click on the tournament in Special Battle window once.
  • Before match time make sure you ready up your tank and wait in the lobby.
  • The match will start automatically.
  • All tournament information will be shared in the official WoT APAC Discord in the #steel-hunter-scramble channel.