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Skirmish Weekends: Medium [UPDATED]

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The results are in! Click here to see the list of winners for this contest.


Tank Commanders!

Your clan needs your help! Since the release of Update 9.2, clan Strongholds have been growing slowly and steadily. But how many of you have undertaken Skirmishes to gather more building resources to improve your clan base?

If you're looking for a good reason to contribute to your clan actively, now is the time! This weekend, we'll be taking a good hard look at every clan attempting skirmish battles in Strongholds - the clan with the most active participants will receive 10,000 gold, deposited straight into their coffers.

Individual players will have a chance to win a share of the prizes, too, so get to it and carry your clan into greatness!

Good luck!



  1. Participate in Medium Skirmish Battles during the event period.
  2. Post the in-game screenshot of your Skirmish Battle Results in the submission thread.
  3. Edited entries/comments will NOT be accepted.
  4. Only screenshots from Skirmish battles that took place within the event period will be eligible.


Winner categories:

  • Clan Rewards (To be deposited to the clan treasury):
    • Rally the Clan! (10,000for one winning clan)
      • The clan with the highest percentage of members who participated in the event (participants/total members).
    • Advancement Assured (10,000for one winning clan)
      • The clan with the highest accumulated Industrial Resource over the event period.
  • Player Awards:
    • Battle Hardened (1,000for one winner)
      • Player who managed to get the most wins during the event period.
    • Equal Opportunity (300for 10 winners)
      • Randomly drawn from qualified entries.



  • There is no required battle outcome for this event (Victory, Defeat, or Draw battles are all eligible), except for the Battle Hardened category.
  • Players may submit as many entries as they wish, but can only win once per event.
  • In the event that there are players tied for the Battle Hardened category, the one who submitted his/her final entry first will receive the prize.
  • This submission thread will open at 14:00 (UTC+8) of 8 August 2014.
  • Submission will close at 14:00 (UTC+8) of 11 August 2014.


Submit your screenshots here!