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[Contest] Pop That Turret!

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Tank Commanders!

Since the release of Update 9.0, almost everyone has witnessed the majestic sight of a tank turret soaring into the sky. It might have happened to you too, but admit it - you enjoyed the view as well, didn't you?

In fact, 'popping the turret' has proven so popular that a contest all about it just had to be made. And here we are!

Pop That Turret! Contest Mechanics

In this contest, we want you to show an actual screenshot of a tank's turret as it flies upwards after an ammo explosion, while you're in a battle. Easy enough! To make sure that your entries qualify for the contest, please remember the following:

  1. The screenshot submitted must be from a Random Battle.
  2. The User Interface (UI) must be visible in the screenshot.

The deadline for all entry submissions will be on 20th June 2014 at 14:00 (UTC +8).

Further Details

  • There is no tier limit for this contest.
  • You can post as many entries as you wish.
  • Strictly one screenshot submission is allowed per post.
  • Players can win only once for this contest. (Best submission winners will be excluded from the random draw)

Contest Prizes

  • Best submissions: 1,000each (5 winners only)
  • Thanks for flying!: 500each (10 random winners only)

Time to shoot things up and make them fly! Good luck!


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