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New Player, New Ace! T-127 Ace Mastery Contest [UPDATED]

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The results are in! Click here to find out who the winners are.

Welcome, new Tank Commanders!

Hope you're still having fun with World of Tanks! If you've only just joined the other millions of players in owning your own stable of armoured steeds, you may find the new Player Induction Program very useful. Have a look at the guide here, or take on the missions by yourself if you know your way around and just want to get into the thick of it.

Every new recruit that signs up from this October onwards receives a T-127, which is only available within a limited-time only. Got a free T-127 from signing up? Good news: this contest is specially for you! Do your best and achieve an Ace Tanker medal with the tank. Only the best performing tank commanders can receive it however, so do your best!

Follow the submission guidelines below to participate - if you're lucky enough to be picked as a winner, we'll give you 500!

Roll out!


New Player, New Ace! T-127 Ace Mastery Contest



  1. Limited to players who received the free T-127 for October 2014 ONLY.
  2. Achieve Ace Tanker status on your T-127 tank:

    Mastery Badge: Ace Tanker

    Earn more experience in a single battle than the average highest experience of 99% of all players in the same tank within the last seven days.

  3. Take a screenshot (use the Print Screen button of your keyboard) of the Personal Score tab of your in-game Battle Results page showing this achievement. Screenshots are saved in the screenshots folder of your game client.
  4. Submit your screenshot as a comment on this thread. Don't know how? Check out this guide!
  5. Players may only submit one entry for this contest. In case of multiple submissions, only the first one will be considered as the official entry.


Prizes (Winners to be selected via raffle):

  •  10 winners of 500 gold each every Friday of October.
    • Submission deadline for 1st raffle: 14:00 (UTC+8) of 3 October 2014
    • Submission deadline for 2nd raffle: 14:00 (UTC+8) of 10 October 2014
    • Submission deadline for 3rd raffle: 14:00 (UTC+8) of 17 October 2014
    • Submission deadline for 4th raffle: 14:00 (UTC+8) of 24 October 2014
    • Submission deadline for final raffle: 14:00 (UTC+8) of 31 October 2014



  • All entries submitted before each submission deadline will be qualified for the respective raffles.
  • Players have a chance to win multiple times so submit your screenshot as early as you can!
  • Winners will be announced within a week after each submission deadline.
  • Prizes will be awarded within 2 weeks after each results announcement.


Submit your screenshots here!