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[Results] For the Win & How Far Can They Go?

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Tank Commanders,

The WGL Grand Finals are now over! We all know the tournament results by now so let's not go through those again - what you want is the results for the contests that we've held last week, and here they are!



[Contest] For the Win!

We've had some really creative submissions for this contest, some of which we've voted internally as our favourites. Of course, players like you have a say as well, so everyone had a chance to express their opinions.

Here are our top three winners with the best overal posters!



[Contest] How Far Can They Go?

It's been a long, tough journey for two of our best teams representing the Asia server. No matter what their final result may be, our hopes and best wishes have always been with teams UAD and PVP Super Friends.

However! It is clear that PVP Super Friends advanced further than UAD in the tournament, having achieved a very respectable 4th Place. If you predicted the outcome correctly, congratulations: you win 500 gold! Here are the winners that we've picked:

  • 240
  • oNCFoJong
  • armagadonxii
  • SyndraMyLove
  • GTun
  • stot404
  • Alvin1020
  • Bengol_Raven
  • Kenshin23
  • kusuka_sulu
  • fireexplosive
  • alcheles
  • ritchiesanchez1
  • WaT_19
  • NaiveKid
  • tanbudhabless
  • Nobuchika
  • baktin1
  • Yoshiro_mN
  • teru_kun


Congratulations to everyone that won, and stay tuned for more contests soon!