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[CONTEST] WoT Asia 2nd Anniversary Greetings! [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: We have extended the submission deadline to 21st April. Send us your entries now!


Tank Commanders!

Our 2nd Anniversary is coming up real soon! We've just sent out an official invite with our news announcement just days ago, but if that isn't enough, we're putting on a contest as well!

The 2nd Anniversary Greetings Contest

Every major event needs a good greeting card. New Years Day has one, and so does Christmas. That means our 2nd Anniversary deserves one too, right?

In this contest, you're required to design the front cover of a greeting card. This design will be submitted to us in the form of an image (maximum size 1024x768), which will be considered along with other entries.

To submit your entry, please visit the forum thread here and post your image.

It goes without saying that the most eye-catching ones will stand a better chance of getting picked, so make yours as unique as possible to win! There is no limit to what you can use in your image, as long as it follows our general posting guidelines in the forums, so go crazy! Here's one example of a submitted entry:


Contest Rewards

Although every piece of art submitted to us will be displayed on our Facebook page, we will choose only a select few as winners of the contest. There are three possible categories that you can qualify for and win:

  • Wargaming's Favourites: 5 submissions will be chosen personally by Wargaming Staff and be awarded 500 gold!
  • Crowd Favourite: All entries will be put to a vote on our Facebook page (players will vote by 'liking' a submitted image). The top 5 voted entries will win 500 gold!
  • Lucky Draw: 10 winners will be selected randomly out of ALL submissions in a lucky draw. These 10 winners will receive 500 gold!

Note: It is possible for one entry to win ALL three categories (for a total of 1,500 gold)!


Contest Rules

  • Submit an image (1024 maximum width, 768 maximum height) celebrating the 2nd anniversary of World of Tanks Asia.
  • There is no limit on what you can use for your image as long as it follows the general posting guidelines for the forums.
  • Make your submission as unique and eye-catching as possible to get as many votes as possible!
  • Submission is limited to one per player.
  • Deadline of submission is on April 21, 14:00 (UTC+8). [UPDATED]
  • All works will be uploaded to Facebook as part of the 2nd anniversary celebration.
  • Voting period will be from April 21 to 28 April at 14:00 (UTC+8). [UPDATED]
  • Winners will be announced on April 29th.