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[Contest] Triple Threat #7

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Tank Commanders!

Time to pick your lightest tank and rev the engines! This week, we want to see you scouting and assisting your teammates in blowing up enemy tanks. Think you can do it? Show us how it's done!

Here's what you get if you're a winner:

Winner Categories
  • Rapid Response (3 winners, 500each):
    • First 3 players to submit qualified screenshots.
  • Straight Flush (1 winner, 1000):
    • First player to submit a qualified screenshot with at least 3 tanks in each of the Battle Efficiency categories (Spotting, Assistance in Destroying, Vehicle modules damages and crew members injured, Damage, and Enemy Destroyed).
  • Lady Luck's Favorites (5 winners, 500 each):
    • Randomly selected from the qualified screenshots (RR and SF winners excluded).

Read on for more details!

Details and Rules

[Contest] Triple Threat #7

  1. Limited to tanks Tier 5 and above.
  2. Submit a screenshot of the Personal Score tab of the Battle Results screen showing the following:
    • Redeeming the x3 Experience for the First Victory of the day
    • At least 3 tanks spotted (Spotting)
    • Help destroy at least 3 tanks (Assistance in Destroying)
  3. Edited comments will NOT be accepted.
  4. Only screenshots from battles that took place within the event period will be qualified for this contest.
  5. A player may win only once each week.
  6. The submission thread will open at 13:30 (UTC+8) of 21 June 2014.
  7. Submission will close at 14:30 (UTC+8) of 23 June 2014.


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