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[Contest] Snow Storm [Updated]

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The results are in! Here are the winners for the Arctic Region, ErlenbergWinterberg and Winter Himmelsdorf category.

Tank Commanders,

In certain parts of Asia, White Day is celebrated. Guys who received candy or other gifts from girls during Valentine's Day usually reciprocate their sincerity by giving gifts. To take a little break from thinking about your White Day gift, why not play a few games? Win at least one Battle Hero Achievement in the maps listed below for Gold prizes!

More details below:


[Contest] Snow Storm

Event Start: 13 March 2015 at 14:00 (UTC+8)

Event End: 20 March 2015 at 14:00 (UTC+8)



  1. Limited to Random Battles and tanks Tier 5 and above.
  2. Limited to the following winter maps:
    • Arctic Region
    • Erlenberg
    • Winterberg
    • Winter Himmelsdorf
  3. Get at least 1 Battle Hero Achievement in the battle.
  4. Upload your replay to or any other download page.
    • For those using other download pages and those whose replay page look like this (missing Detailed Report tab), include a screenshot of the Personal Score tab of the Battle Results in your submission.
  5. Edited entries/comments will NOT be accepted.
  6. Strictly one replay per entry. Replays of the same battle will be treated as a single entry.
  7. Only replays from battles within the event period will be eligible.
  8. Deadline of entry submission is on 20 March 2015 at 14:00 (UTC+8).


  • Winter's Soldiers (20 winners of 500)
    • 5 winners randomly drawn from entries for each of the featured maps.
  • Snow Sovereign (4 winners of 2000)
    • Player with the highest number of Battle Hero Achievements from a single battle.
    • One winner for each featured map.
  • White Day Special (4 winners of 1000)
    • First qualified entry with at least 2 Battle Hero Achievements that was played and submitted on White Day [14 March 2015 between 00:00~23:59 (UTC+8)].
    • One winner for each featured map.


  • Winners will be announced within 1 week after entry submission ends.
  • In the event that there are players who are tied for Snow Sovereign, the ones who submitted their entries first will receive the prize.
  • Players may submit as many unique entries as they wish but may win only once with the exception of White Day Special winners who are also qualified for Winter's Soldiers and Snow Sovereign categories.
  • Prizes will be awarded within 2 weeks after the results are announced.

Submit your entries for Arctic Region Here

Submit your entries for Erlenberg Here

Submit your entries for Winterberg Here

Submit your entries for Winter Himmelsdorf Here