Relaunch: Ranked Battles

Tank Commanders!

We are pleased to announce that after further tests and reworking, the previously-postponed relaunch of Ranked Battles is almost ready to take place on the Asia and NA servers!

The core ranking mechanics and progression system of this mode have received a considerable revamp thanks to your feedback, so we hope you will find it much more fair, transparent, and enjoyable than before.

In Asia and NA we will run two seasons of Ranked Battles instead of the planned three, and you will be able to earn the top prize, a unique Tier IX tank, at the same time as other regions! Now, how's that for efficiency?

Other rewards for this mode include:

  •  Credits
  •  Bonds
  •  Gold
  •  Special styles
  • And many more!

Once again, we are grateful for your continued patience and support as we strive to create the best possible game experience for you. We can't wait to have you back on the competitive battlefields and fighting for lots of attractive rewards, so stay tuned for more details soon!