[Frontline] The Top 5 Premium Tanks to Bring for This Episode!

Tank choice is crucial when you're heading into combat, so we've compiled a list of some of the Premium tanks that have been performing best in the current Frontline meta. As a plus, their inbuilt credit bonuses make running them a very profitable choice! 

Check out the pros and cons of each and take them out for a test drive in your next battle!

  • Progetto M35 mod. 46
  • Defender / Object 252U
  • T-44-100
  • Lorraine 40t
  • Skorpion G / Skorpion
  • Bonus Pick: SU-130PM

Very mobile, flexible, gun and damage good, autoreloader

Low armour

The  VIII Progetto M35 mod. 46  has proven very capable, popular, and useful in Frontline. It’s very flexible in that it can take a multitude of roles – from front line attacker to flanker to fast defense. The autoreloader is the crux of this flexibility. It is able to hold three shells in reserve without being put out of action for a long time upon firing them all, unlike autoloaders.

In the right hands, this tank can lead you to victory in Frontline.

Very thick and well-angled armour, high alpha damage, good penetration

Thin lower side armour, poor accuracy, low DPM, low view range

The  VIII Object 252U Defender , every player’s supposed bane, is an extremely tough spearhead tank with the armour to lead charges and hold down defenses. If you need to push someone out of that capture zone, the Defender can do it for you. However, it can fall quickly when flanked.

It has a powerful gun to go with its armour, but its gun handling is not very good, so medium- to long-range shots tend to miss. This weakness is not helped by its long reload time of a nominal fifteen seconds.

Video available in English only.

Good mobility and speed, good gun handling, good DPM, good camo, decent side armour with spaced armour

 Average view range, average penetration on standard ammo

With the 100mm gun and APCR shells loaded, the  VIII T-44-100 (R)  is a solid choice for flanking and sidescraping. It can get into an engagement, punch some holes in the enemy, and get out quickly while – thanks to the crazy angles on its armour – bouncing a decent proportion of the retaliatory shots sent its way.

Video available in English only.

 Fast and mobile, exceptional acceleration, high burst damage

Thin armour, long aim time, average reload time, large silhouette

The  VIII Lorraine 40 t  is a power player in Frontline when used right. It has very good mobility and speed. It can get to where it is needed, as soon as it is needed. Once it gets there, its high burst damage from the 4 rounds in its drum can make short work of any tanks trying to get past it. However, be very careful in planning your attack: once you’ve emptied your drum, you have a long reload to sit out, with no armour to protect you from your opponents.

This tank is best used to take daring opportunities for breakthroughs, or for critical defense of capture zones.

Video available in English only.

High alpha damage, good accuracy, good penetration, good mobility

 Very slow turret traverse, large silhouette, very thin armour, low health, bad camo

Perhaps the posterchild of the “glass cannon,” the Skorpion / G has a very powerful gun, but it cannot take any damage. You have to be very careful when planning your position as the tank has bad camouflage; the moment you fire, you’re exposed. However, the upside is that you can penetrate almost anything in Frontline, and boy, will that hurt for your foes. Just ensure that you are fully aimed – the accuracy of your gun will usually be good enough for your shot to hit.

The Skorpion / G is very powerful and can easily rack up the damage points; just do not expect it to brawl.

Video available in English only.

High alpha damage, good accuracy, good penetration, good camo, good mobility

Turret cannot fully traverse, very thin armour, low health

The VIII SU-130PM , sometimes comically known as the Russian Skorpion, is very similar to its German cousin. It has a very powerful gun that’s accurate when you are stationary and fully aimed. However, unlike the Skorpion G, its turret cannot traverse 360 degrees. This means you have to be more mindful of positioning, but because of better camo, it’s easier for it to find hiding positions than its German cousin.