Developer Diaries: Onslaught—Frequently Asked Questions


The new competitive game mode, Onslaught, is now available on live servers. Thanks to our Common Test players and lots of community feedback, the mode has been created to give every Commander a chance to climb the ranks for epic rewards.

This 7v7 format for Tier X vehicles will be available until November 21.

Check the video below for what the devs have to say about how the mode is what it is today.

FAQ Highlights

Will the Onslaught game mode replace the Ranked game mode?

No, Onslaught is not a replacement for Ranked battles. Those two game modes will be competing with each other if they launched at the same time.

Are there rental tanks for players who do not have Tier X vehicles?

There are no current plans to do so. Onslaught is designed as end-game content for experienced players with Tier X vehicles.

How will queue times be impacted with the new ranking system? What about Super Platoons?

Queue time really depends on the number of players who will be playing in a specific rank, team, or region. Waiting time on the highest rank will be the longest. But at the same time, we have very flexible possibilities to reconfigure the matchmaker. So we don't want our players to wait for ages before going to a match. But at the same time, we want them to have balanced, quality battles.

So we will be focusing on that matter a lot.

Same goes for Super Platoons.

How will Prime Time impact the matchmaker?

I know that some players are definitely not happy with the Prime Times because maybe they don't have free time during prime time.

Prime Times definitely help to gather all players at the same time and help with the queues and matchmaker. Because the more people there are, for example, in one hour, the easier it is for a matchmaker to create balanced battles in appropriate time limits.

Will we have records of the voice chat from people in-game for reporting purposes?

There are no current plans as there are some laws, for example, in Europe, the GDPR would not allow us to record the voice chat. So if you're facing some negativity in the voice chat, you can just mute the person.

Pretend they don't exist, focus on your team, and just try to win.

Will the league points be the same from the Common Test to the live server?

Common Tests had the test configurations specifically adapted to make everything fast and streamlined to just test a lot of things fast. The production release will have different configurations. 

There might be some similarities, but the focus should not be on Common Test configurations.

What changes have been made to the mode after the Common Test and why?

We made a lot of balance changes during the first stages of the Common Test. Like we nerfed some technical skills, we nerfed some role skills, we tried to solve the AMX domination problem and stuff like this.

All these changes can be found in our patchnotes to this Common Test.

Will there be plans to introduce more Tiers in the future? For example, Junior, Senior, and Master divisions with Tier VI, VIII, and X?

There are no plans at the moment, but we will see how it works on Tier X vehicles first. It's a bit too early to judge before the end of the first season.