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Twilight of Gods: General Regulations

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders!

As you will have already known, the new Twilight of Gods event for Clan Wars will be launching soon. We now have the complete general regulations available for viewing now; scroll down to read it and get ready!

Main Event Regulations

  • The Twilight of Gods event will cover the period between 29th August to 9th September, which will take place on the Clan Wars Global Map. All clans will be able to take part in the event regardless of the clan's registration date (either before or after the event starts).
  • Vehicles up to a maximum of Tier VIII will be allowed for battles during the event.
  • Before the event begins proper, the map will be wiped; the World Redivision mode will be activated. During the wipe:
    • All player actions will be cancelled.
    • All province incomes will be restored to normal values.
    • All chips and headquarters will be made available for the first turn of the event.

      Note: Vehicles destroyed during the course of the event will not be locked (Tank Locking OFF).

  • The World Redivision mode will occur from 29th August to 30th August. During this time:
  • All provinces will be available for landing.
  • Espionage and Counterespionage will be enabled.
  • Revolts and Ransacks will be disabled.
  • The maximum number of claims for participation in landing tournaments during World Redivision mode will be limited to 32.
  • If a battle against the province owner ends in a draw during a landing tournament, the challenger will win ownership of the province.
  • Once World Redivision mode ends on 30th August, the Twilight of Gods event will begin with the following rules in place:
    • Revolts and Ransacks will be enabled.
    • The maximum number of claims for participation in landing tournaments will be limited to 64.

Special Event Rules

Rules for Default Global Map regions

  • At the start of the event (after World Redivision mode ends), several Closed Gates to Asgard will spawn randomly on the Global Map on select provinces.
  • Some provinces around these Closed Gates will be vulnerable to revolts, while others will not (ordinary provinces).
  • The clans on ordinary provinces around the Closed Gates will be able to attack and conquer them.
  • Clans controlling revolt provinces adjacent to Closed Gates can defend them, as well as attack the Closed Gates themselves. On the next day, clans who own Closed Gate provinces and clans owning provinces surrounding the Closed Gate can fight for ownership of the Gates.
  • At some point after primetime, the Gates will become open and revolts in nearby provinces will cease.
  • The Gates will remain open for the next 24 in-game hours.
  • The chips of the clan that managed to conquer the province with an Opened Gate will be transferred to one of the starting provinces of Asgard after the next clan primetime.
  • This process of Opened and Closed Gates will repeat itself. New gates will spawn in different locations at random while the old ones will be removed.

Rules for Asgard:

  • Asgard is a special region on the Global Map, where clans will fight for the opportunity to take part in the final battle between Light and Darkness on the day of Ragnarok.
  • The number of starting provinces in Asgard will be lesser than the amount of gates available.
  • As soon as clans begin to enter Asgard, landing tournaments will be held between the new arrivals.
  • Clans will be unable to place headquarters on provinces in Asgard; the chips that were transported over from an Opened Gate will be the only ones available for any actions in Asgard and cannot be replenished.
  • The main goal of the event is to conquer one of 3 central provinces in Asgard.

Rules for the Final Battle on Ragnarok:

  • On the last day of the event (8th September), the borders between the 3 Valhalla provinces will be closed off from the other provinces on the map.
  • The Dark Gods clan will commence attacking the provinces of Valhalla on the Asgard map.

Crediting of Victory Points

Condition Amount of Victory Points
Clan chips transfer 1,000
Conquer any basic Asgard province 2,000
Conquer any regular Asgard province 2,000
Conquer any Valhalla province 10,000


  • Information about Victory Points will be made available after the first battles of the event have taken place and will be updated in hourly intervals.

Crediting of Fame Points

  • The basic amount of Fame Points that players will earn per battle throughout the event equals the total sum of all EXP earned by all participants of the battle, divided by 15. Premium account and other bonus modifiers will not be counted towards the total amount of EXP available.
  • Members of a clan participating in a revolt or landing battle will gain the basic amount of Fame Points for each battle, except battles the province owner.
  • All bonus coefficients that will apply during the event is displayed on the table below. These bonuses will be applied before calculating the final amount of Fame Points earned. If several conditions are satisfied, the coefficients will be active.
Conditions Fame Points bonus coefficient
Participation in battles for landing or revolts during Twilight of Gods event Basic amount
Participation in battle for province (attack opponent's province, defend a province, encounter battle) x5
Participation in battle against province owner during revolt or landing tournament x5


  • Coefficients by province types contain the following values:
Province Coefficient
Basic province on ordinary map 1.0
Revolt province on ordinary map 1.0
Gates to Asgard 2.0
Basic province in Asgard 4.0
Common province in Asgard 4.0
Valhalla 10.0


  • Coefficients by battle type and by province type recalculate between each other.

Note: Prearranged Battles are a violation of the regulations and are strictly forbidden; any players discovered to have done so will have their total Fame Points erased or face an account ban.

In case of a disputable situation when crediting Victory or Fame Points (due to suspicions of false battles, etc.), Wargaming Administration reserves the right to ask for battle replays, screenshots and other information with regards to the matter. If the information is not available, Administration will make an independent decision. We strongly recommend enabling the 'Replay Recording' in Game Options.

  • Information about player rankings in the Alley of Fame will be updated on an hourly basis.

Twilight of Gods Rewards and Memorable Achievements

Gold Rewards

The top 5 clans by Victory Points will get gold at the end of the event:

  • 1st place – 500 000 gold in clan treasury
  • 2nd place – 300 000 gold in clan treasury
  • 3rd place – 100 000 gold in clan treasury
  • 4th place – 50 000 gold in clan treasury
  • 5th place – 30 000 gold in clan treasury

Note: If several clans attain the same amount of Victory Points and take one stand, the reward will be charged to each clan.

Tank Reward

All players who take a part in “Twilight of Gods” battles will also receive Fame Points. At the end of the event, the top 100 players in the Alley of Fame will be awarded with the Chinese Premium heavy tank 112.

Additionally, players who manage to take places from 101 to 600 in the Alley of Fame will receive the American Premium medium tank T23E3. If a player already has the tank in the garage, he will instead get a compensation of 7,000and 1 garage slot.

Note: The US medium tank T23E3 is not a special clan tank. In future, it may be used in game as another event reward or as a purchasable premium vehicle.

Event Medals

Clans who participate in the event will have the opportunity to get unique medals:

 Call of the Valkyries

Earned by capturing or defending a revolting or landing province next to any Closed Gates of Asgard

 Gates of Asgard

Earned by entering the Asgard region through the transfer of clan chips

 Hammer of Thor

Earned by capturing any Asgard base province

 Spear of Odin

Earned by capturing any province of Valhalla

 Head of Fenrir

Earned by winning at least one battle against the Dark Gods clan


Note: During the event, clans will have the option to leave the Global Map entirely.

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