[Stronghold] The Legionnaires are Coming!

Tank Commanders!

Have your clan mates forsaken you in the wilderness with no buddy to skirmish with?
Fear not, we shall be making some substantial changes for legionnaires whom wish to participate in Skirmish Stronghold Battles. From July 14th, we will have the first initial test run for Skirmish Mode where the following adjustments will be introduced.

Test Period: 14th July – 28th July 2017

Game Mode: Skirmish Tier VIII

Max Legionnaires: 9 Legionnaires (was 3)


Test Period: 31st July – 13th August 2017

Game Mode: Skirmish Tier VI

Max Legionnaires: 6 Legionnaires (was 5)

So what are you lone wolves waiting for? Start up your detachments and rally up those legionnaires to the battlefield!