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Strongholds: What's New in 9.3

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders,

In update 9.3 you will experience several changes and new features in the Strongholds mode – a new building with unique reserves, legionaries, boost of income in skirmishes, and cancellation of limit for players in buildings.

Scroll below for details about each new feature.

New building – War Department

The building will be placed in last remaining slot on your fourth zone of the Stronghold. War Department produces special reserves, which provides different battle missions to all clan members to be done in random battles.

The missions are different by their content and difficulty. Examples: deal 10 000 damage points within a platoon or be one of the top-3 players by damage during reserve lifetime.

Battle missions last for 2 hours after reserve activation. What should be noted is that a reserve may be used in a parallel with other reserves. In other words you could activate reserve for additional experience in battles and start to complete battle mission from War Department simultaneously.

The battle missions may be completed only on tier 8 vehicles and higher. The award depends on the building’s level. As the building’s level goes up, mission variety and awards value increases.

Below you could find a table with awards for battle missions, which depends on reserve/building.

You can only receive one type of award. For example, on a level 5 building, you could receive crew experience, vehicle experience, or credits.

The award will be displayed in a moment of battle mission completion.


Premium First Aid Kit /
Repair Kit /
Fire Extinguisher
Credits Premium
1 - - - 20 000    
2 - - - 30 000    
3 3000 - - 40 000    
4 4000 - - 50 000    
5 5000 - 5000 75 000    
6 6500
6500 100 000    
7 8000
8000 200 000    
8 10 000
10 000 300 000 1 day  
9 12 000
12 000 450 000 3 days 500
10 15 000


15 000 600 000 7 days 1000

Variety of Battle Missions

With the help of reserves, produced in War Departments, it is possible to receive following types of battle missions (provides randomly):

  • Destroy 2 enemy tanks in every battle for 3 consecutive battles
  • Be in top 2 amongst all battle participants by experience in 2 consecutive battles.
  • Support your teammates with 4000 damage points in battle.
  • Deal no less than 4000 damage points and block no less than 2000 damage points with your armour in a battle or deal no less than 2000 damage points and block no less 4000 damage points with your armour in a battle.
  • Scout 6 or more enemy tanks. Damage by your scouting should be not less than 1500 points.
  • Make more than 12 shots with damage in a battle. Deal no less than 4000 damage points.
  • Deal 3000 damage points in a battle from no less than 300 meters.
  • Earn 150 base capture points. Only battles you win will count.
  • Receive 1st mastery badge in 2 battles.
  • While in a platoon, take part in destroying no less than 10 tanks. You must make at least 1500 damage points personally.
  • Destroy 5 tanks in a battle.
  • Deal no less than 4000 damage points, stay alive, and win a battle. This mission must be done 3 times.
  • Receive no less than 10 hits. Block no less than 4000 damage points with your armour.
  • Deal damage to no less than 8 enemy tanks. Win a battle.
  • Destroy 8 enemy tanks in a battle while playing in platoon.
  • Be in top-3 by damage dealt for five times.
  • Destroy 7 enemy tanks of up to tier 10 for 7 battles on a vehicle no less than 8 tiers.
  • Deal 10 000 damage points with your platoon members and win a battle.



This feature provides non-clan players opportunities to participate in skirmishes, but not more than 5 legionaries. The feature is very suitable for testing players before enrolling them into your clan – or just to fill the slots you need to complete a team for skirmishes.

Please, note:

  • For all three divisions 5 legionaries are available.
  • Industrial resources earned by legionaries will disappear.
  • Legionaries don’t receive additional awards in skirmishes.


Skirmishes income boost in credits and experience

In update, 9.3 a balance of credits income for skirmishes have increased:

  • Medium division: +10% of credits per battle.
  • Champion division: +5% of credits per battle.
  • Absolute division: +15% of credits per battle.

Additionally, special battle mission for boosting experience by 50% in skirmishes will be launched.


Cancellation of limit to number of clan members in a building

Now only up to 20 clan members could be assigned to one building. This limit will be cancelled, so a whole clan can be placed in one building.


New clan positions

With update 9.3, the system of clan positions will be changed. The changes also will touch strongholds. To find out what new positions will be presented and what positions will be changed, please visit this page.


Levelling higher than tier 4 and attacking strongholds

The functionality required additional tests, so after update 9.3, a special common test, in which any player could take part, will be launched. Based on the results on the test we will make decision about launching the feature.