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[Clan Wars] Operation Safari Event Announcement

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders!

The World of Tanks team would like to announce the imminent start of the first game event on new Global Map, during which new mechanics and large-scale events will be tested! Completing quest tasks and engaging in ferocious tank battles with rival clans for the promise of gold and tank prizes - all this awaits you in Operation Safari!

About Operation Safari

It is the early 21st century. The world is experiencing a period of instability and tension in anticipation of shocking developments. Many points on Earth are in a state of heated confrontation, echoes of which reverberate to all corners of the planet. The world as a whole retains its balance for now, but a single event that took place on the Southern Hemisphere threatens to push the world into another global war, which could be the last for war for humanity.

The incident began when the government of one of the Gulf countries decided to transfer their stocks of weapons-grade uranium for processing to IAEA, with several tons of uranium loaded onto a cargo ship under top-secret conditions. However, there was a leak of information; the warship escorting the cargo ship was sabotaged and sunk in the Gulf of Aden, and in the ensuing attack by Somali pirates the cargo was seized.

With access to weapons-grade uranium available in a few days to anyone with the money to spend and the will to use it, the threat of unprecedented magnitude hangs over the world. In a desperate bid to maintain a semblence of order, the armed forces of all UN members were raised and charged with a single objective - preventing the deadly shipment from getting into the wrong hands. Action must be taken now, before all trace of the enriched Uranium disappears into the vast expanse of the African continent!

Event Details


The Operation Safari event will take place between 05:00 UTC+8 14 October 2015 and 23 October 2015.

During the event, the following activities are available:

  • Clans will perform a sequence of tasks, which will be issued to each clan personally.
  • Battle operations will be carried out on two fronts, which will be available in the area of South Africa and the Horn of Africa. Prime-times will be divided between them.
  • In order to provide an opportunity to get game gold to the greatest number of clans, the income of all provinces on event fronts will be set to 600.

Awards and Achievements

Reward Vehicles

Clans will be able to earn Fame points during the event and players will receive Personal Fame points for each battle, which will allow winning clans and players access to main event prizes.

The main trophies for Operation Safari will be:

300 Tier VIII French FCM50t

1,500 Tier VII USA Т23Е3 (with improved penetration)

Note: The armor penetration of the T23E3 will be improved in the closest upcoming update:

  • Armor-piercing ammunition - 149 mm (was 128 mm).
  • Piercing ammunition - 190 mm (was 177 mm).

Based on feedback given for previous game events, the prize distribution system of tanks will be changed and will be built on the basis of the activity both clans and players, which will balance the prizes in clans and individual competition.

The distribution of clan tanks will be based on a system of clan licenses, which has been used in the "Armageddon" event, while the distribution of tanks in individual standings will be based on a system used in the "Twilight of the Gods" event.

The current changes and order of prizes distribution are as follows:

  • Distribution of 3 FCM50t licenses between clans that occupied the highest place in the ranking.
  • The rest of the FCM50t tanks distributed by a Wild Card system among players according to the number of Personal Fame points.
  • Distribution of 800 T23E3 licenses among clans, according to the number of Fame points.
  • The T23E3 tanks distributed by a Wild Card system among players according to the number of Personal Fame points.
  • After distribution of all clan tanks, 700 T23E3 tanks will be distributed among players according to the amount of Personal Fame points.


In addition to reward tanks, players will also be able to attain the following unique event medals:

Tactical Master I Class
Tactical Master II Class
Tactical Master III Class
Tactical Master IV Class
Big Game Hunter I Class
Big Game Hunter II Class
Big Game Hunter III Class


More information about the event including the calculation system and the conditions to obtain the medals will be available in the Operation Safari Regulations, which will be published soon. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!