Global Map Season 18: Rules & Regulations


We are glad to announce the start of Season 18 on the Global Map that will take place from April 26 through June 19.

Season 18 is an experimental one, with a fundamentally new model of gold and bonds distribution for playing on the Global Map. The general clan leaderboard of the Season will appear on the Global Map, and by the Season's end, clans will receive the traditional rewards—medals, styles, and decals. There will also be a new 2D style, Warrior of the North, for the Season participants.

Read on for all the latest details!

Global Map Season 18

April 26, 2022 at 05:00 (UTC+8) through June 19, 2022 at 05:00 (UTC+8)

Ceasefire starting May 1:
Sundays 05:00 (UTC +8) through Tuesdays 05:00 (UTC +8)



    Season Changes

    • The system of gold distribution on the Global Map has changed.
    • Province income in gold is OFF.
    • High-income provinces are OFF.
    • Rental vehicles are OFF.
    • Alliances are OFF.
    • Auctions and Influence are OFF.
    • Headquarters is OFF.
    • Vehicle lock is OFF.
    • Divisions can be created in any province.
    • Division creation and upkeep are free.
    • Revolts are OFF.
    • Ransacks are OFF.
    • Landing provinces are dynamic and change their location when landing battles are over.

    New Gold & Bonds Distribution System

    In previous Seasons, gold was earned by clans. By capturing provinces and completing Clan Tasks, clans received gold in their Treasury, which in turn was managed by clan officers. This will change in Season 18.

    Now gold will be received not only by clans, but also by players for their activity on the Global Map. At the same time, the strategic component will remain, and clans will need to capture territories and hold them to earn gold.

    Personal Leaderboard

    A personal daily leaderboard will appear on the Global Map. For each Global Map battle, all participants will receive personal Fame Points.

    • The leaderboard is formed based on personal Fame Points earned during the day. To enter the leaderboard, players need to earn at least 15 personal Fame Points. Depending on their position on the leaderboard at the end of the day, all participants of the leaderboard receive rewards.
    • The minimum amount a player can receive for entering the leaderboard is 10, and the maximum is 40.
    • Players in the top 50% of the leaderboard will also receive from 15 to 75.
    • Gold and bonds earned by players during the day are credited to a special vault at the end of the day.
    • The accumulated gold and bonds can be collected at any time from the vault in a special section of the Clan Dashboard. They are automatically credited once the Season ends or when players leave the clan.
    • The leaderboard is reset when battles start the next day.

    All team players will receive equal amounts of personal Fame Points for each battle fought according to the following rules:



    Tournament among challengers in a regular province

    Battle with the province owner





    Regardless of whether a team wins or loses, Points will be awarded to players only if the team destroys five or more enemy vehicles.

    So, for each day of play on the Global Map, battle participants will earn gold, and the most active and successful players will also earn bonds.

    Clan Leaderboard

    Clans will continue to earn gold and bonds for the clan Treasury. The general mechanics for clans are similar to those from big events, but significantly simpler.

    • The weekly clan leaderboard is formed based on clan Fame Points. Depending on their position by the end of the week, clans can receive gold and bonds for their Treasury.
    • The quantity of gold and bonds distributed among clans is equal to the quantity of gold and bonds earned by players for entering the personal leaderboard over a week.
    • Clan Fame Points can be earned for participating in battles, for capturing provinces, for owning provinces, and for completing Clan Tasks.
    • The clan leaderboard is reset at the end of the week.

    Therefore, the more players participate in battles on the Global Map, the more gold and bonds clans will earn for their Treasury.

    Click to view the formula for calculating clan Fame Points earned in battles

    Value terminology:

    • Fame_Points = clan Fame Points earned in battle
    • Fame_points_base = the base number of clan Fame Points
    • Battle_type_c = battle type multiplier
    • Event_value_c = game event multiplier
    • Еlo_c = Elo rating multiplier, corresponding to the front Elo rating for Tier X vehicles
    • Team_XP = the number of experience points a team earned in battle
    • Battle_XP = the total number of experience points both teams earned in battle
    • Team_size = the size of the team (set at 15 players)

    Battle type multipliers (Battle_type_c)

    Battle Type Multiplier

    Tournament in a landing province


    Tournament among challengers in a regular province


    Battle with the province owner


    Elo rating multipliers (Elo_c)

    Elo Rating of the Opposing Clan Elo_c























    • Clans receive 12,000 clan Fame Points for the first capture of any province. The first capture of a province will net clan Fame Points once per Season.
    • Clans receive clan Fame Points for owning a province. The number of Fame Points earned for owning a province decreases for each day of ownership.
    • After leaving the Global Map, the bonus counter for owning a province is reset, as if the clan did not previously own this province.
    • When a province is captured repeatedly (excluding capture after leaving the Global Map), the bonus remains as if the clan owned it without interruption.
      • For example, a clan owns a province for three days, loses it, then re-captures it the following day. In this case, the clan will receive 3,000 clan Fame Points for the first day of resumed ownership and 0 clan Fame Points for the following day.
    Days of Province Ownership Clan Fame Points
    1 12,000
    2 9,000
    3 6,000
    4 3,000
    5+ 0

    Clans that own groups of provinces receive clan Fame Points.

    Number of Provinces Owned Clan Fame Points
    1 0
    2 0
    3 0
    4 18,000
    5 18,000
    6 36,000
    7 36,000
    8+ 90,000

    Season Leaderboard

    All Fame Points earned by the clan are accumulated on the Season Leaderboard. At the end of the Season, depending on the clan's position, all clan members will receive a reward.


    Winner of Season 18, Class I
    Warrior of the North
    Earth Element
    Guards Lt. Leo on Duty
    Season 18
    Participation emblem

    Winner of Season 18, Class II

    Winner of Season 18, Class III
    4 – Top 10%

    Season Elite
    Top 10% – Top 50%

    Season Veteran
    Earth Element
    Season 18
    Top 50% – Top 75%



    One copy of each style is credited per account. They can be switched between vehicles without restrictions. Six copies of the participant emblem and decal will be credited per account.

    The Workshop

    As with previous Seasons, the Workshop will allow you to produce various rewards using various resources earned after battles on the Global Map.

    The amount of resources you get from each battle is the same for all team members and depends on the following factors:

    • Battle outcome: You will earn more resources for a victory than a defeat.
    • Number of enemy vehicles destroyed: The more enemy vehicles destroyed, the more resources earned (vehicles destroyed at the end of the battle are counted, irrespective of who destroyed them).
    • If the clan fails to destroy at least one enemy vehicle, players will not receive resources for that battle.

    • Set of 2D Styles
    • Ultimate Bundle
    • Set of Personal Reserves
    • Bonds
    Set of 2D Styles
    •  Clan Urban style
    •  Nightfall style
    •  Digital Adapted style

    Available once per account.

    Ultimate Bundle
    •  5x Personal Reserves: +50% Credits (Duration: 1 hour)
    •  5x Personal Reserves: +50% XP (Duration: 1 hour)
    •  5x Personal Reserves: +200% Crew XP (Duration: 1 hour)
    • 750,000 
    • 250 

    Available once per account.

    Set of Personal Reserves
    •  3x Personal Reserves: +50% XP (Duration: 1 hour)
    •  3x Personal Reserves: +200% Crew XP (Duration: 1 hour)
    •  3x Personal Reserves: +300% Free XP (Duration: 1 hour)

    Available 5 times per account.

    • 50 

    Available 10 times per account.

    Only one item can be produced at a time, but you can queue items for production and reorder or remove them from the queue at will. If you remove an item from the queue (including items currently being assembled), its component resources will be returned to the Depot in full. You can check the battle log in the Workshop to see the amount of resources earned in all battles since the start of the Season.

    The Workshop will be available until the end of the Season (June 19, 2022 at 05:00 (UTC+8), after which all unused resources and components will be removed from your account.

    Playing Field

    Season 18 will take place in East Australia. The income of the provinces that are always present on the map is disabled.

    A total of 120 provinces will be available on the map, of which about 25% will be landing provinces.

    Map Pool

    • Abbey
    • Fisherman's Bay
    • Karelia
    • Malinovka
    • Prokhorovka
    • Safe Haven
    • Steppes
    • Cliff
    • Highway
    • Lakeville
    • Murovanka
    • Redshire
    • Sand River
    • Tundra
    • Ensk
    • Himmelsdorf
    • Live Oaks
    • Mines
    • Ruinberg
    • Serene Coast
    • Westfield

    Prime Times of the Season are from 16:00 through 23:00 UTC+8. In 50% of provinces, battle start times are shifted by 15 minutes, depending on their Prime Times.

    Landing Provinces

    • The maximum number of applications for landing provinces is 32.
    • The maximum number of active landing applications that can be submitted by a clan (if it has at least 90 members who have a Tier X vehicle) is 6.
    • Landing provinces are dynamic and change their location when battles are over.
    • Clans that already own provinces can apply for landing tournaments on the Global Map.
    • Clans can attack landing provinces by land.

    First Day and World Redivision

    • On the first day of the Season, all provinces on the Global Map will be landing provinces. Once the Prime Time is over, the provinces will switch to the main mode according to the general rules of the Season.
    • The number of landing tournament participants during World Redivision is 16.
    • If the battle for a landing province ends in draw, it will be counted as a defeat for the challengers.

    Special Penalties for No-Show in Battle

    Clan Fame Points will be deducted from the sum of Points earned by the clan over the week. The same number will be deducted from the Season Leaderboard.

    Number of no-show Battles over 3 Days
    Maximum Number of Landing Applications
    Clan Fame Points Penalty













    General Settings

    • All battles are fought in the absolute 15v15 format in Tier X vehicles.
    • The battle duration is 15 minutes.
    • Fog of War is ON.
    • Clan Tasks are ON.

    Clan Wars Rules


    Clan Wars activities include, but are not limited to: Global Map seasons, Global Map events, Global Map campaigns, Stronghold Skirmishes/Advances modes, and other in-game activities related to inter-clan competition.

    These rules will apply to all active clans involved in Clan Wars activities, and may be revised at any time as necessary, without prior notice.

    Rules updated as of June 2019.

    Clan Wars Violations

    The following actions/behaviour are prohibited and are considered Clan Wars violations. Please send a ticket to the Support Center under the "Clan Wars" category to report:

    1. Account-sharing in Clan Wars
      1. Sharing an account with 1 or more players
      2. Use of an account shared by other player(s)
    2. Use of multiple accounts to participate in any Clan Wars-related activities, which includes but is not limited to:
      1. Use of 2 or more accounts to participate in Global Map battles during the same event, season, campaign, or Clan Tournament
      2. Use of 2 or more accounts to operate multiple clans on the Global Map or in a Clan Tournament
      3. Use of 2 or more accounts in Clan Wars activities to gain unfair advantage for any clan or individual player account
    3. Designating a fake/dummy account as clan commander or clan officer
    4. Abusive gameplay
    5. Rigging battles / fake battles
    6. Mass bidding on Global Map, while
      1. Failing to participate in the battles of won bids
      2. Attempting to gain unfair advantages for own/other clans (to be determined at the discretion of WG staff)
    7. Multiple team-kill, suicide, AFK incidents (including leaving battle before the battle ends) in one or more consecutive Clan Wars battles
    8. Any other actions considered inappropriate in Clan Wars (to be determined at the discretion of WG staff)

    All reports MUST contain at least one of the following before any investigation may be undertaken:

    • Screenshots related to the violation or player/clan action (full image, no editing)
    • Battle replays related to the violation or player/clan action
    • Message logs related to the violation or player/clan action (image format)

    Personal Violations

    The following actions/behaviour are considered personal violations and will not be investigated by Clan Wars management staff. Please send a ticket to the Support Center under the "Rule Violations" category to report:

    • Use of prohibited mods (including botting)
    • Abusive in-game chat/PMs
    • Individual suicide in a Clan Wars battle (note: individual team-kill & AFK incidents will automatically be covered by the in-game penalty system)
    • Any in-game rule violation which is not related to Clan Wars

    Clan Treasury Payout Limitations

    Currency Daily Limit per Player
    Gold 5,000 
    Bonds 2,000 

    The administration reserves the right to request battle replays, screenshots, or other related information, and may make rulings at its own discretion if these are not supplied in a timely manner. We strongly encourage you to keep Battle Recordings enabled in the game settings at all times!

    Any reports regarding cheating or game rule violations should be submitted to Player Support within 72 hours of the end of the Season/event.


    Good luck on the battlefield!